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  Athens 2004   
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  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   
  Silvia Stroescu
  Andreea Munteanu

coach: Octavian Belu
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Special Report from Bucharest

Left Home: The sadness of outsiders
August 13,2004

  The Olympic Center in Bucharest is vey quiet and peacefully; unusual peacefully. Some of 112 members of Romanian Olympic team for Athens have left with different flights. Few of them still preparing, their competition schedule allow enough time to have some extra days for preparations at home.

  Despite polite statements regarding "good conditions"at Athens, gymnast Marian Dragulescu have stated on Romanian Television that sportsman's have to stay on lines for taking a shower, there is only one shower at 10 persons, in the Olympic Village (and a TV set for 8). No wonder that a lot of delegations have choose to keep their form at home facilities.It's only one hour and a half from Athens and they already know that "there is no better place to prepare than home, now".

   The gym hall in the Olympic Center is old, only in recent years an climatization system has been installed (few years ago, they have had to keep doors opened during hot August). All Romanian gymnastics fans from around the world have asked about "what happened to Andreea Munteanu?''...

   After you saw her so happy of being selected, it's almost a nightmare to go back to report about her...being left home. These girls have had worked past 10 years like... few people can understand, I doubt.
   What to ask Andreea Munteanu, after seeing her in tears, with Silvia Stroescu crying first (despite her apparently luck) about her teammate being left home. These girls are like a family, the team IS their family for 10 or, most often, 12 years! Is difficult to understand for somebody who watch them tens minutes at a TV contest broadcast.The ties among team member are very strong, they are like sisters, even twin sisters- not competitors, and this impressed me mostly.

   Maybe they feel like astronauts, I think, those astronauts who work hard, for a large part of their a life, to fly into space- and in the last minute they are not selected into the team (and they know there are little chances for "another fly").

"Girls" have a special feeling, they feel better each other than men's. Entering in the gym hall (after five minutes of thinking that I wish doing soccer story or be in Athens already), I saw, maybe for only a 1/1000 second-if this would be possible to see-a sorrowful girl. Andreea Munteanu turn her eyes and see me, maybe for the 41st time during last month, but first time after the team left for Athens. She was a little bit surprised and immediately she send me a smile and her face says all: was happy to see me, to see that their fans didn't forget her .

I don't care any more about my last night expensive reservation in Athens, which remained un-used to be here, this girl smile and the feeling that I was useful for her, to keep her moral a little bit up, it's enough for me. Both Andreea Munteanu and her teammate looked happy but under the surface I can feel from distance their deep, deep regret. And also their confidence that girls in Athens have all the chances to win Gold.

  Coach Forminte say that he don't think that Andreea Munteanu will go to Athens any more. Of course, final decision is up to Octavian Belu and if any event occurs, the girls in Bucharest are ready at any moment. As time passing, it seems that Athens Olympics will be only a TV broadcast for these little girls.They keep their finger crossed for the team, at 2 hours-plane distance.

We made a few photo shots outside, the girls were happy to pose for me, for Romanian Gymnastics fans and they want to salute all of you and thanks for your support.

  Even if you don't go to Athens (maybe their ridiculously highly priced accommodations have something to do with this), even then-your support and best wished for the whole team are much appreciated and welcomed.

I am glad I could be near these little girls in their most important and difficult moments of their life's. Looking back, I wouldn't change this for anything. Forget the soccer...

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