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Belu doesn't seems to hope much about the new contract

Q:: Hello, Mr.Octavian Belu, (ex)coach of Romanian Olympic Team?
Octavian Belu: Yes, that's me.
Q:: (Just kidding, too stupid to believe but who knows...) We supposed to talk next week [we have had two short talks and interviews with Octavian Belu this week, part of a larger discussion] about your future plans, but things seems to change so fast?...We get reports from Bucharest about TV's statements from RGF which does not sound too nice or good for your future at Deva. At least, we need yours confirmation about your "resignation" about which everybody already talk, to send you the offer(s) we may have for you, as a retired coach....
Octavian Belu: Yes, this time is different, I didn't know it can happen like this. I think there are not many chances to continue my job here.
Q:: How come that all these negotiations are not between you and RGF, but more through press statements? Press should report only, not be a part of negotiations?...
Octavian Belu: I don't have much to talk to them about this, they have a strong position [about having a 4-year contract/Q:] and I can't do much about...
Q:: Excuse me, isn't this another "statement war" , like in the past, as many others cases, we somehow get used with them?...
Octavian Belu: No, this time is different, this time things are clear. They want to push me for a four year contract which we never have had in the past. Two years was the longest.
Q:: Somehow there is a reason behind this, R.O.C. (Romanian Olympic Comity) want to start fresh and be safe for the new Olympics. But, you need to know/see (as we have discussed few days ago) which are the girls for the new Olympic team?...
Octavian Belu: Yes, they want me to make a commitment, without known on what I stand-if I don't know which are the girls I can count, how can I promise anything, it wouldn't be fair from me?...

[ excerpt from a 3 days ago interview for Q::
Q:: from our sources and estimations, only two girls,at best, can be considered "for granted" for the Beijing Olympics?
Octavian Belu: It would be good if I/we be able to have at least two girls from present team, "as granted" in the team for 2008.But we can't be sure even for two, until next year W.C.]

Q::we have the feeling, from all your press statements, that you don't like, on the first place, the way they talk to you, the way they handle the whole situation?
Octavian Belu: yes, nobody talk directly to me more about this new contract, "they"[RGF] just told me they want the four year Contract and that's it.
Q:: considering that you are (according to statistics, not opinions) the best gymnastics coach in the world, at least you deserve the "effort" to have some concessions made or at least to speak more about your demands?In a more decent way?...
Octavian Belu: exactly, I have my pride maybe, but I'm doing my job and I expect others to do their, too. Now (Sunday afternoon in Bucharest) I'm with the girls in the gym hall, training for Birmingham.
Q:: Our sources advised us that some news about this new contract will come Tuesday...
Octavian Belu: I don't think so or don't have much hopes about, we (me and the girls) will leave Tuesday for Birmingham, so how come we can discuss more?...
Q:: But also our inside sources said some (younger) coaches from around the country see this moment like a good moment for them to take your(s) places, to make some changes and they believe they can have results, too. People say "after Bela Karoly left, Goreac came and we have had results; after Goreac left, Belu came and we get results. If Belu leave, somebody else we came and we may have results, too"
Octavian Belu: yes, this is true. [He seems to be very sincere and really believe this]
Q:: well, I don't ;t trust much on this, because back then there were different times. [ the sport, the top sport, being then the only way you can travel abroad; now Romanians can travel freely and most young coaches can easy get a good job abroad without having any problems like those from Deva]. I don't think or see many young coaches ready to give up everything-family, friends-and moving to Deva for five years. And work like Hell, to get results, with new girls. I hope but I don't see- they can get better payment(s) and living standards at any second-class gym club around the world.
Octavian Belu: yes, this is true, to get (top) results you have to give up everything else.
Q:: Will you discuss more with RGF next days?
Octavian Belu: Just saw at TV a statement of Mr. Stoica (from RGF), saying that they can handle the future with or without me. If this is the way they want to have an agreement...
Q:: I saw that you have said to the press [to Evenimentul daily] about some of yours offers, including about the offer to write a book [our decision at Q: was to not disclose this before Belu do or the new contract discussions will end, one way or another]. Do they know that, this time at least, you have (six to seven figures) good offers to do something different, at lower "costs" for you, meaning no more long working hours? Can we mention this no that you said about the book offer you have ?[at least one we know for sure about-]
Octavian Belu: yes, you can say about this. I don't have much hopes anyway to work at Olympic team after Birmingham.
Q:: will see, at least we can't understand this way of "negotiating": through press statements instead of long hour of talks, negotiations between your agent/lawyer and their. This is a professional way to conduct a business or organization. The way is done now, through a "third party"-this is what media has become, at least this is the was we see from distance- is not the best way to achieve results. It's just bad communication and no wonder so many problems [scandals] were "floating" around the team or former members...
Octavian Belu: I didn't make any more statements, just answered to what journalists have asked me, but last two days I saw many saying "we can work without him". Maybe somebody doesn't want me any more at the team, I can leave, no problem.
Q:: we have asked many of the former top gymnasts from the Olympic team and came up with few conclusion:
1. If Belu goes, all girls from Athens will go, too. They are used with Belu and a new coach will see them at "the other girls".
2. No Belu, less results, simply because , no matter how hard is to work with him, at least girls trust him because of his past "medal records" and are ready to more enduring with somebody which they are sure deserve such efforts.
3. Everybody abroad will credit less our team and will loose some years to build another reputation.
Even the girls which are not yours best friends now, have admitted that there is almost impossible to find now (during these times) such a dedicated man to his work. It's too hard.
Octavian Belu: very interesting conclusions, a surprise for me to hear you have made so fast such a deep analisz, but I do think that eventually somebody else will get over the situation, anyway.
Q:: Better safe than sorry... We don't want to loose any medal from Beijing simply because somebody-on one or another side- don't now or want to negotiate now that we can't say we are a kind of friends, not even close...
Octavian Belu: (kind of laughing)
Q:...or at least, not yours greatest unconditionally fans (me and most of our team), we simply respect your work and results. During our past weeks (undisclosed) talks, regarding yours projects for the future of the team, the improvement which can be made-like the insurance coverage of all girls, yours plans for some changes and the opening which you have showed to ours (many) ideas proved to us that at least, you are a person to whom you can talk to (and he listen to what you say). How come that your closest job partners (RGF) can't do the same?
Octavian Belu: told you that RGF asked me to came up with all my plans for the future Olympics and all ideas for improvement, on paper.But now, with all these statements from them, don't know if I will have a job after will return from Birmingham. Let's see next days.
Q:: thanks for talking to us and we hope for the best for Romanian gymnastics and wish you all the best, too!

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