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coach: Octavian Belu
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A second "perfect 10" for B&B?

[16.09] Whipped cream "battle" at Deva

The official reception of welcoming The Gold Team ended last evening into a general whipped cream fight, with Belu's face generously covered by a deep layer of whipped cream.

The Reception didn't have an official appearance at all. One of the moments was a balloons contest, with guests trying to break some ceiling-suspended balloons.Some of them have had gold jewelries hidden inside. Catalina Ponor didn't succeed to break, partly because some of the balloons weren't (deliberately) inflated enough, which make the crashing even harder.Belu came on scene helping her to crach baloons with his pocket knife.

Girls were allowed (again) to eat (moderately) from anything on table, Mrs.Bitang saying that "last three weeks we let them do almost anything they want, eat what they like-and this is already showing... (meaning they start get weight, which is bad). Since tomorrow, we have to keep the nice memories and go back to work..."

At one moment, girls started to splash whipped cream into each other face, and all girls spreading whipped cream Belu face,too. After the last week moments on the Rex Hotel, when girls have splashed a bucket of water into Belu's head, (for the Report, click here) this was another "memorable moment" (like "Fuji moments for a life"-yeah, I know it's K. who use a slogan like this, but Fuji films are better for gym).

Maybe this is also a good therapy for girls, after years of frustration, with long hours into gym hall, training so hard.They have had now some unique chances to throw out any "hard/bad feelings" on Belu for making them working so hard, so long.

I am a (distance and closer, too), long time (since '80's) observer of Mr.Belu and I can tell you, guys, this man have changed a lot, especially past few years.He is ready to take now any amount of water buckets into his head (last week moment), to have his face and nice costume covered with whipped cream, if this will make girls happy and...ready to return in the gym hall to work, even harder.It seems that he understand, at last, that he can get even better results with this strategy, (only one which he can use these days, anyway) than the old one, (being only the "bad guy") Russian-inspired and Karoly "imported and improved" in Romanian during '70's .

Any Californian, top-paid, successful (have you ever seen in movies theirs 7...8 $ figures properties?...) psychologist will confirm you that Belu may get, in return for his last two weeks "sacrifices", all the hard work he will need, and he will need, from girls.

Of course, I...don't "buy it" -both scenes with the water and whipped cream, the girls will never attempt to do such things without Mrs.Bitang backing (supervising) them, even inspiring them and knowing (in advance) that this is Ok for Belu. I don't want to ruin your pleasure reading this, but for me is still a big step, a giant one and most important since Nadia, into how Romanian Olympic team is treated (at Deva or in general) and girls physically comfort (which nobody seems to care about, just few years ago).

The girls have a chance to throw out any adversities on Belu (just kidding, now I know for sure they really like him from the bottom of their hearts, after making them winners).

Also girls have had a chance to taste from the sweetest -chocolate-ice-cream-and-whipped cream, too, "Victory-Stars-Cake". After you taste (even for a short time, like the past three weeks) this life, I'm sure (and Belu may hope or even planned this, too) most of girls will get "addicted". If the former "bad guy" will see the girls get "addicted" and are seriously motivated, he will try again. Now that we have that (kitsch, stupid-my opinion) Adidas commercial inspiring us, he will try an "almost impossible" thing.

Yes, I think he may try to get the third Olympic Team title. Why? very simple, he is now the best coach in the world, according to any statistics, but if he will succeed (again) at Beijing, he will land directly into the History of Gymnastics (and almost no chances in future to have somebody else achieve such results).

Oh, yeas, this will be the Real, definitely, the ULTIMATE challenge for Belu (and, of course, he may heard about the last week secret Romanian Government decision "support Belu, give him anything he wants, have their exclusive new gym hall build immediately and at any costs; pay him top salary").

Somebody may have told to Belu or girls they should be dressed more appropriate for Reception and the girls were seen into nice costumes. (At last week marriage reception, for Dan Grecu's daughter marriage, girls made a short apparition into their training suits, partly because they have had a tight schedule, having a charity event to attend and play some aerobics into their training costumes).But with all local officials surrounding, this new apparition into proper costumes was much better (and almost useless, since everybody left with clothes covered by whipped cream...)

The Deva reception have ended into giant fireworks on the city sky, with everybody applauding once again for the girls and their coaches. ...Now that everybody has enjoyed the Gold Team victory, is time that Belu may put again the cover on his "boil water pot"-and start again the hard work with the team. Yes, working at Deva may be, may be seen as a pot with boiled water, but the final taste of victory is sooo ( biip-Damn) good!Will see next months if girls have same opinion.If they can go back (of course, lees than Dana) and work for one year, we may (already) have a winner in Beijing.

I can't finish this without saying something about Mrs.Bitang. Like many of you, I'm not her best fan, not at all.Some of the press stories may be, and sure were exaggerated, but still... ...
But last week, I have heard from our (very good sources) that she was the one which took, past few years, a battle for coaches from Clubs, to receive a proper credit for their work (medals or something) , a better sign of consideration (more money) for their work with girls. She almost ended threaten, after Athens, Romanian officials, with their (Belu and Bitang) denial of any prizes, if the coaches from Clubs will not get their prizes and consideration, too. Since the team B&B have had everyone listening around these days, and doing their best to please them, the Government decision regarding the money prizes was changed last minute to include the special 15% prizes (from what an athllet get, but not from his money) for all Club coaches.

If the girls depend so much on thier scores in competition, coaches should have their own scores, too. I give them (B & B) two consecutive (first in their careers, I think), two "perfect 10" , (one for water bucket, second for whipped cream moments) for how they handled the (difficult, sometime ven more than a contest itself) situation of letting girls enjoy their victory. BRAVO!

Also, the Presidential Orders list was enlarged, for the first time in Romanian Gymnastics history, to include ALL gymnastics coaches from clubs, which have had discovered the Olympic champions. For the first time since '80's, coaches from all sport clubs around the country will have a better motivation to work (since their salary are rarely more than $150, at least those with top champions will have a reason -cash prizes and medals- and to continue working so hard, many years).

At this point, all Romanian sports and coaches have benefited from gymnastics success, since everybody will get the new, better "consideration treatment".

It's a good sign that things can (finally) change into better, in Romania, these days.As much, as faster-even better.

  For the "water bucket" story, click here.

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