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[April 17]

Ploiesti Inter (?)national Championships-the Training Camp edition:-))

It wasn't that much an International Contest, rather an International Training Camp. Including nights escapades, drinking alcohol and cheerleaders ... on the knees.

Photo left:
Floarea Leonida
, the 2005 Star of the Team; her 15 minutes of fame came at Ploiesti, but you never know...

Catalina-Bubulina*. We (used to) like and support Catalina as athlete. Too much praises (especially from some Romanian tabloids like ProSport or Jurnalul), with no critics regarding her last six months attitude on the overweight (and discipline) can bring bad results at Worlds. I'm pretty sure that Belu will print and handle this to her, maybe somebody can wake her up (or remind that in few weeks she can be send home again-and kiss good-bye the World comp. and her increased/ almost doubled monthly income).

*Bubulina is the Romanian popular word for chubby/rotund/plump

Photo right:all those rumors among fans about her twisted legs and bad form at floor...TVR2 made even a reply on this mistake of Catalina; maybe the program director want to be fired or commit professional suicide, who knows (no, we didn't bribed him...he had offered to to it voluntarily, ha-ha!, maybe he don't like the fake legend about the World's Best Coaches -B&B's). Instead of dragging Catalina last autumn at many paid "conte$sts", Belu should have worked with her and try do something about this bad form.

These are just few of the many screen captions which have had flowded other gym forums Saturday night-some Romanian gymnastics fans have like three eyes and can't be lured as Belu did past years with most of the
k-i-@ local journalists.

Some kiss-in-the ass (exclusive) tabloids should be sold with a warning label (like on cigars): "reading only kiss-in-the ass tabloids is bad for your form." Also staying too much and too close to Mrs.Bi...; you know how bad liar she is, from her Court (memorable) appearance, when most of newspapers, including the k-i-a ones, have reported about this.
Now, Catalina-Bubulina is taking this (bad) example, too. She said in front of Romanian National (State) TVR2: "I still have a little problem (smiling) with the weight". Depend on what she understand by "little"-like 5, 5 kilos? (somehow we manage to hear about the real one).

Maybe they need to use in Romanian gymnastics the method used in box games: a live TV weight test before contest; if you don't match the necessary weight, you don't compete (and don't receive the monthly cash income from ROC). No begging, no bad words, nothing more.

The Romanian State TV channels (TVR1, TVR2, TVRi and Cultural one) are funded by the State, from all taxpayer's money, because a special tax is still enforced (like in the communist years) to everybody. So, when Catalina is lying (with a smile face) people from Romania, about her weight, somebody need to explain her that: her accommodation on the National Team and her monthly income (a good one according to local standards) is paid by taxpayers; the TVR2 who broadcast the circus edition of Ploiesti contest is funded also from State money. Same State which does not have enough money to support State hospitals (Romania having the highest rate of children dying at born in Europe). A little bit more respect from Catalina , for those money spend by the State on her training, would be nice. Romania is the second poorest European country, but gave the highest benefit package (life time) to their gymnast. Less time in discos and more on reading, Catalina! Even the previous learned patterns, learned as a poem, her "press answers" sound so 80's when all the girls were instructed what to answer and they could give answers only to what they have learned.

Catalina has shown a super-wheigt, not a super-form, as much as I was seriously thinking to set up my TV to the "panoramic view"-just to be sure the screen will fit her increased body.

made (many of) us to close the eyes, after seeing her bleeding hands -that TV program badly needed to have the "parental consent" because of the horror-alike images. Somebody must fill an official complain to the "Colegiul Medicilor" (the Romanian medical Governing Authority).

A whole world-via web- could saw a girl from THE NATIONAL TEAM-Sofronie- which remove by herself the palm skin, using an ordinary, not a "surgeon quality" scissors which apparently wasn't even disinfected; this should be done by a doctor, in the cloackroom, not in a gym hall full of microbes.

The lady who still...pretend to be the Women's team medical assistant (her main job for her being to check the girl's weight and to obey 110% the B&B's orders and...*maybe* to spy the girls) should be dismissed by letting the girls doing this. And having her medical license canceled.The TV captions, with Sofronie doing by her own the "treatment" speaks for itself.

When Iolanda will give you a nephew, Mr.Belu, will you let her cut by herself the boy/girl navel belt with an ordinary, bookshop, scissors? (in the street, eventually?) Just wonder.Treat these girls like your own, at least these last months at the team-both for them and you - and everybody will help/support you to have a nice end of your (too long) carrer. They need to work hard, but as hard they train, as much care we need to show them.

Ploiesti- the (Inter?)national Training Camp
It doesn't look as a real international contest. At all. From the athletes who came-those which never make it to first six in any serious contest, to the Romanian delegation itself. It looks more like a training camp, an International one.
Looks like: a) the RGF don't have really good juniors to send at Ploiesti or b) maybe they don't want to "deliver"to B&B the girls from Junior team, to keep them "fresh"after the dismantling of the present team; c) they want to keep the juniors team out of bad habits of present Senior team (dancing instead training, boyfriends and so on).

The Ploiesti audience have had many opportunities to laugh (maybe some encouragement would be nicer, but...) at some repeatedly fallings down of some foreign gymnasts; we know that Chinese girls almost like to fall, but never saw before a Russian one (Alina Zmeu) falling twice on Floor, right at 90 degrees, on her bottom-at least she was so cute doing this! Looks like she wanted to plant some seeds and need to bury them deep, using her @ss to have the ground stamped/trodden. Apart from this, she have had one of the most beautiful artistic on the floor.

Missing Bitang?. With Catalina-Bubulina and Floarea being heavily overscored at Ploiesti, we can say that Ploiesti have their version of the US "Scam Cup". At least for this, we feel like missing coach Bitang, which have asked last year (bravo!) the Ploiesti referees to slow down with the overscores, because this way they don't help at all the girls from the Olympic Team. This year, with no Bitang to remind them...they heavily overscored.

Ploiesti ending the 2... years tradition?
The recent success of the Ploiesti local basket team (Assesoft) in the European Cup made them being jerks with gymnastics. After
hosting the International Gymnastics Championships for more than 20 years, now the jerks officials of local basket team, with their minds being drunk after the recent success (their team is the new European winner), they don't want the gym any more. Due to the Gymnastics contest, they were forced to play last weekend game in another place, in not so nice conditions. Well, gymnastics have brought a lot of glory to Ploiesti and money -from the State, RGF, tourists, athletes and so on. We strongly suggest the RGF, ROC and mostly to ANS to check how the hell those idiots from Assesoft act like they have build the hall and decide who can use it? It's a State property, which they use in be checked closely by ANS. The owner of that basket team (all our sympathy for the players and their achievements) was under investigation after having a 1 million dollars or so contract (with no auction, as law request), to made the maps of Ploiesti streets available on digital (for a short resume on one of their dirty affairs, click here). Two years after receiving the money, the only things they did was to "start working at the project". Now they have started to build local connections and influence over the basket team (which is supported from money coming from "business" like the one above).
This is one of many cases when you see how corruption can have a bad influence over sport in Romania . If you look at the videos from Ploiesti, you may see some too thin, low quality blue curtains (on the upper windows). Previous curtains (we know better that place than the young selfish moron who pretend to rule it now) were quality, imported curtains who could completely block the sun, when needed (in the summer is too hot and no air conditioned). Now they have the thin blue ones, who barely block the light, not to speak about the heat, generously marked with their "Assesoft" logo- free advertising at all TV aired programs ; smells like corruption to me (to those which have accepted the *deal*). If the idiot really wanted to do something, they could pay for a new air cooling system. You can see in the videos, some officials using fans because the air was hard to breath on Sunday.
Now they act like the owners of the hall and were pissed of because the gymnastics have used the hall, "their hall". Isn't any good journalist at Gazeta (because there is no other good sport newspaper there) to look deeper into this affair?

Belu-the driver

We have heard about this last year, but couldn't believe. How stupid can somebody be to pretend Belu to the car (the minibus donated by ARDAF) which is used by the team? RGF have said that the monthly bill for the team is 500 millions lei; they could to find 15 millions extra to pay a driver, instead of asking the main coach to do this. His job is to take care of girls, in the gym and around it, not to act as a driver! He can be tired after training or a contest and... God forbid! something wrong may happen anytime.
If this may occurs, be sure that Romanians will lynch all the morons from RGF and ROC which didn't take care of this matter; a good idea would be to do advance, to prevent anything wrong being happen.

The Party

Friday evening, a small party was made on a famous local bar & disco in Ploiesti, "L'Opera Club".

Among the VIP's which have attended, the RGF officials (who were pretty decent and also have ignored the gymnasts bad behavior) and top gymnasts. Marian Dragulescu was the one who made the show, like many times before. Despite being a dad at home (he have a daughter-Beatrice Maria, with his "official girlfriend" Larissa/sorry for her), Dragulescu is a very nasty boy when he go out in town.

He did liked to drink and tested many things on menus-Tuborg beer , Befeater gin and the Stalinskaya vodka (even after a day rest, he have failed on Sunday at floor, scoring only 8.925). He *scored* much better in the bar, kissing heavily and touching (almost...ok, you need to have 18 to read more) with...five (!) different girls. One of his "favorites" girls have left, after seeing how he pass from one girls to other. He didn't seems to be suffering more than...30 seconds or something, until he have started kissing with another one.Two of the girls told to the sources that they are members of the cheerleaders team of the local basket team (European Champion Team, a recent success which have made the town crazy about their team). At least one of the girls (but a second one was pretty close) have escorted Marian out from the bar, leaving in an unknown direction.He arrived at the hotel after 3,30 in the morning.

Dragulescu was also filmed last November in a Prahova Velley bar, dancing more like a boy from Full Mony bar than a top gymnast who need to be decent.

Also on the disco bar were Corina Ungureanu, the "Playboy girl"and Maria Olaru, but they just have some cocktails and enjoy the dancing.

Along with Dragulescu was...the second coach Lucian Sandu; but he didn't do anything wrong, or maybe he could not have much success on girls, so nothing to blame on him...apart from taking back (in the press, he wouldn't dare in front of a Judge) his Court statements in Petrovschi case, when he have admitted that all medical records went to B&B's at Deva, too. He tried later to reverse in the press his official statement, easy to guess why.

Ploiesti International Championships complete results, click here

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