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coach: Octavian Belu
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 coach Nicolae Forminte
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[April 16] Ploiesti Int. Championships-Womens AA competition

Belu was seen alone (if counts for anything, second coach Sandu was there, too) with the girls, attending men's competition Friday afternoon at Ploiesti International Championships.

Coach Bitang is in Bucharest, training with Monica Rosu and Alexandra Eremia; it seems that they will continue the training there and will not come to Ploiesti at all.

Oana Petrovschi didn't came to see the contest as planned, she had to make an urgent trip to Bucharest earlier this week and have chosen to spend the weekend with her mother. Looks like she didn' t have any more the motivation, after breaking up the recent relationship with a gymnast, don't need to see him in contest anymore (the older one with the Romanian guy, former gymnast living in Germany is history).Maybe she have climbed to the second level on understanding the life and next time may have a more serious relation, instead of those " 50-meters-distance from the gym hall" type.

Despite RGF President Vieru have told to Romanian media two days ago (that the decision will be taken Friday depending on girls evolution on last training), seems like the decision was taken at the beginning of this week, like we heard first, by the B&B's. They always decide who goes where and most important, who don't. Still no words from the doctors which have told to Rosu and Eremia to have a break-seems that they suddenly found the magic treatment and are back in shape.

Andreea Munteanu and Steliana Nistor (last one from Deva's team) will leave today for Germany, to have some medical checks. Keep your fingers crossed, Steliana, but I'm afraid you may go to Beijing only as a tourist.

Then team will go to Deva after the Ploiesti contest, to continue the training there. Seems like for $10 000 a month, the B&B's have decided they can leave their comfortable villa in Bucharest and stay with the team in Deva (as they should long time before).

It may be too late for Euros, but miracles do happen and they did in the past in Romanian gymnastics.Maybe Belu will pry again on the top of Deva's hill and Fortress, use the magic stone buried there (his secret for past 25 years) and reload the girls motivation " chip".

Despite low prices of tickets (20 000 lei only, like $0.75), there weren't much spectators at the men's evens, most of Romanians looking for the women contest only.The real business (reported by Gazeta) seems to be the American popcorn being sold in the lobby-being sold 2.5 the price of tickets, like 50 000 lei; but the smell coming in the contest hall is like a mental torture for the gymnasts on diet. Somebody was heavily bribed (of course) to accept this "business" -they could be nearby building, not there.

Because the empty places doesn't look nice on TV, they even let the entrance free of charge on Friday afternoon, but still forced to bring some students from nearby schools, to have at least half of seats filled.

Maybe next year somebody will (finally) think, after 25 editions at Ploiesti, that this contest can be promoted among all gymnastics clubs around the country, who can bring (each one) like 20-30 girls to see (as a prize for their achievement or something). This way, the girls who work so hard at local clubs (and we never heard about most of them) will have something more to fight for and will appreciate the trip funded from their clubs.

Last year, a local company form Ploiesti have promised to take care of next edition (this year), to have bigger prizes which can bring top athletes. It was too good to be true, so nothing have happened, except the ARDAF signs everywhere, including on the mattress corners ( so funny to think for an athlete to go down on mattress and see the insurance company sign, -this can remind him about that he must get insurance...).

The top three Ploiesti medalists will receive DVD players offered by ARDAF (their local market value is in the range of $80...$200, depending of type).

Womens AA

1. Florica Leonida ROM 37.275
2. Alyona Zmeu RUS 36.200
3. Wang Tianjao CHN 34.250
4. Maria Rosso ITA 33.900
5. Chloe Henry BEL 33.650
6. Rose-Eliandre Belmarre FRA 33.500
7. Jennifer Lezeu CAN 33.300
8. Lara Marx LUX 33.050
9. Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi CYP 32.750
10. Elpida Michael CYP 32.500
11. Sara Classens BEL 31.950
12. Mariana Stankova BUL 31.850
13. Nesma El Sayed EGY 31.800
14. Maria Ioannou CYP 31.750
15. Nely Petrova BUL 31.375
16. Nourhan Saad EGY 31.200
17. Hamdy Loes LUX 31.100
18. Ildiko Farkas HUN 30.675
19. Marilena Georgiou CYP 30.500
20. Ebra Karaduman TUR 30.250
21. Nina Popusoi MDA 29.800
22. Amira Ayari TUN 29.800

Women's Vault
1. Lara Marx LUX 8.825
2. Ildiko Farkas HUN 8.750
3. Maria Ioannou CYP 8.693
4. Elpida Michael CYP 8.681
5. Sara Classens BEL 8.643
6. Chloe Henry BEL 8.550
7. Maria Rosso ITA 8.487
8. Hamdy Loes LUX 8.237

Uneven Bars
1. Florica Leonida ROM 9.350
2. Daniela Sofronie ROM 9.125
3. Rose-Eliandre Belmarre FRA 9.075
4. Chloe Henry BEL 8.550
5. Jennifer Lezeu CAN 8.350
6. Lara Marx LUX 8.287
7. Alyona Zmeu RUS 8.275
8. Maria Rosso ITA 7.650

Balance Beam

1. Catalina Ponor ROM 9.725
2. Alyona Zmeu RUS 9.287
3. Florica Leonida ROM 9.225
4. Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi CYP 8.250
5. Chloe Henry BEL 8.225
6. Elpida Michael CYP 7.975
7. Maria Rosso ITA 7.800
8. Sara Classens BEL 7.700

Women's Floor Exercise

1. Catalina Ponor ROM 9.700
2. Florica Leonida ROM 9.600
3. Rose-Eliandre Belmarre FRA 8.725
4. Chloe Henry BEL 8.575
5. Ildiko Farkas HUN 8.425
6. Mariana Stankova BUL 8.350
7. Lara Marx LUX 8.112
8. Alyona Zmeu RUS 7.550

Ploiesti International Championships complete results, click here

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