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     Beijing 2008  
Steliana Nistor
  Sandra Izbasa
Alina Stanculescu
  Loredana Sucar
  Roxana Stan 
  Daniela Druncea
  Elena Chiric*
  Floarea Leonida*
   (*returned for Worlds)
  2007 Seniors:
  Aluissa Lacusteanu
  Andreea Grigore
  Andra Stanescu
  Madalina Gutu
  Ana Maria Tamarjan
  Adriana Tamarjan
  2008 Seniors:
Cerasela Patrascu
  Alexandra Ghita
  Andreea Acatrinei
  Gabriela Dragoi
Nicolae Forminte (main)
Liliana Cosma
  Catalin Daniel Meran
  Marius Razvan Vintila
  Lucian Sandu
  Raluca Bugner

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 Robert Stanescu

 Andrei Suciu
 main coach Dan Grecu

  Athens 2004   
  Catalina Ponor
  Daniela Sofronie
  Monica Rosu
  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   
  Silvia Stroescu
  Andreea Munteanu

coach: Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
 coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

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[April 2] Romanian gymnastics team, having fun on April 1st Fools Day

Being the top sport stars in Romania, the Romanian gymnastics team have attracted all the top TV channels on April 1st Fools Day.Each station wanted to have their own version of a Fools Story.

: when Bitang made the entrance into the gym hall for the training session, the girls didn't show up. Seeing the TV cameras, Bitang knew something is happening (set up); she have started to look around the gym hall and said like: "the girls aren't here and I 've just brought with me some chocolates" (she did, for another 1st April story, see next).Girls were hidden inside the vault hole and they come out eventually.

Antena 1
: they have planted a bodyguard at the entrance of the gym hall; he was telling everybody, including the girls who came for the morning training session, that the hall was rented for a fashion show.
for some screenshots of Antena 1 April 1st joke, click here
Girls waited peacefully and smiling until the coaches came few minutes later (being pregnant in the 4th month, Mrs.Bitang have had some morning sickness which have prevented her appearing earlier; just kidding /no she isn't...for the moment).

Bitang April 1st joke on Antena 1: (for photos click here)
Bitang came with a plastic bag (see photos) loaded with 10 chocolates and other candies (maybe from those confiscated from the girls in previous days?...Ha-ha!) , and told to Antena 1 reporter: "What are you doing here, we try hard to make them loose weight and you just bring them chocolates? -and she had spread the chocolates on the hall floor. The TV reporter suddenly become a white face ghost and remained terrified, saying very low like "I didn't ..." , in the meantime Catalina Ponor and Floarea Leonida came closer (previously arranged with Bitang) and says "yes, the guy from Antena 1 gave us the chocolates!", making the poor guy close to a heart attack. Few seconds later, Bitang changes her serious face -a very convincing one, when she fight on her territory, she is good, believe me, she could almost fool even a polygraph test-2% of people can do- with that ability to suppress any external emotions - and told to the scared TV reporter that it's just an April 1st joke.

Pro TV: aired the "chocolate story"

Bitang also scared RGF President Vieru over the phone (according to Gazeta), punching him where he feels harder (no, not there..any more, he is almost 80's, so it doesn't make any difference "there"), telling him that Ponor has disappeared from the hotel, again. Vieru was so convinced that he started to be angry on Bitang for not taking care of her.

...And maybe is the place to remind how well B&B are joking on everybody, by * resigning* each year; last time, it was even "definitely"...for one...two months. Almost everybody believed them, this time.
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