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[April 6] Romanian gymnastics team, playing nice for reckless idiots

Monday evening , the Bucharest National Theater have hosted an Award Gala for the Romanian independent artist syndicate, UNITER. Among the special guests to attend the most prestigious Gala in Romania were former Michel of Romania (former king) and the Royal family. Even more important and, anyway-more beloved- was the Romanian gymnastics team.

The girls from the Romanian gymnastics team have opened the second part of the Gala with a coreography on the Athens Olympics official music "Olympic Dream". They wore red costumes and make some floor figures on music.

Nice and beautiful, except the fact that at least (from what we know, you know how much and often B&B have lied in the past about the girls real medical condition) three girls from the team -Monica Rosu, Alexandra Eremia and Andreea Munteanu - were not allowed by the doctors to do anything gym-related. This mean the girls health and safety was risky for the only purpose of the B&B gaining (again) "friends" close to the new political power in Bucharest (the Gala organizers are close to the new regime and former Opposition leaders-which rule now).

Anyway, the idiots which have allowed this to happen (but usually B&B don't need any authorization from RGF, in fact B&B -mostly Bi.., Rule for real the RGF), should be asked by the National Medical Institute doctors what they are doing-again!

It's nice to have the girls on any show, make them change things for few hours, but only if their health is not put on any risk.

Anyway, with so many months already lost from training, they have spend again hours-if not days-to train and present a show in a Gala which wasn't any way related to sport or something. But was a good chance for B&B to show they are "useful" and ready to participate with *their team*. They should be the first to deny any invitation like this, for girls safety and Euro Championships training -very late -schedule.

The (former) Royal family of Romania, King Michael, Queen Ana de Bourbon-Parma and their daughter Margareta, were delighted and have much appreciation on the Romanian gymnastics team-the State television said, showing them applauding the girls.

By the way, King Michael is the one who "have shortened the WW 2 with at least 6 month, by turning the Romanian Army against their former alliate-Germany."-said historians. Also King Michael is a very well know owner/mechanic/collector of Jeeps, having a rare one from the WW 2 which he have completely restored by himself during his Switzerland exile.

TVR 1, the State television have aired a short sport news about this (Tuesday evening, at their 7 p.m. news, on their website, if you have the patience to download almost two hours to get the 2 minutes with the girls dancing).

[Update] : for a "Gazeta" photo from UNITER Gala, click here. Nice to see they do ask about how the girls were used in the show, if the doctors didn't allowed for any gymnastics-related activity?...

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Nadia Comaneci, the first 10 in gym history, Montreal 1976,©A.P.photo;
Romanian Team, Silver Medal at 2003 World Gymnastics Championships
Marius Urzica; Catalina Ponor, Star of 2004 Olympics

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