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[April 7] Romanian gymnastics team- on "Training by Visits" Program

The Romanian gymnastics team has visited today the new opened "Sport and leisure"Exposition in Bucharest. Both Catalina Ponor and coach Mariana Bitang were shown on TVR1 using some of the loss weigh machines exposed for athletes.
Bitang using the "relax-feet"machine,Gazeta photo
Ponor using loss wheight machine, Gazeta photo

The team also visited the Izvorani Sport Center (which is also the headquarters of ROC).

After B&B has signed the $5000 contracts, all the Romanian Gymnastics team and coaches has visited the site of the new gymnastics hall-which was supposed to be ready long before. The visitor could see only the foundation, the (fragile) skeleton and a very bad project.

Despite the ROC previous propaganda-intention of the visit, coach Mariana Bitang has made some well targeted observations:the main thing is the vault hollow is (almost) enough deep (it didn't seem like that) but is definitely too narrow. "Monica, go and have a measure"-said Bitang to Monica Rosu, during the plans checking nearby the construction site. Monica has used the very old good girls system: walking feet after feet, they saw the idiot who made the plans made like a 25% error (less space).Click here for Gazeta photo of Monica.

"We shall make the changes, any changes required"-said an ROC official. But the foundation concrete was already poured. Well, maybe they will break it using the heads (and personal money) of those who made the plans and have signed for such a disaster.

During the previous neo-communism regime, it was much propaganda around a Government Program to build 400 sport halls around the country for young students and athletes. Basically the idea was nice and useful, but like any other idea/plan/initiative of the communist, it was overflowed by massive corruption (the costs was sometime 2..4 times higher than normal, many projects were given to company which were political friends of communists) and, like any communist project-a very bad execution.

Some of the halls were never finished (and seems like the ROC gym hall at Izvorani is one of them). Most important, somebody wrote about the halls being like 1.5 meters (3 feet) shorter than needed to have any official games in them. The whole thing was more propaganda and spreading the government money to political friends. Looks like the same has happened at Izvorani.

It was nice and useful if somebody have had the idea of consulting the coaches Belu and Bitang (and even the girls, since the official excuse for spending the money was that the hall will accommodate the Olympic Team), before starting any construction.

Two days ago, the former ROC president Tiriac, which now is the head of ROC Foundation (the main channel from where money come to the ROC), have asked for a deep financial investigation about how the ROC money were spend.

This came after another big scandal in Romanian sport-the National Stadium (80 000 places) being under construction since 2002 and never being able to host major events.

...So the girls have spend like this: Monday for the UNITER Gala (theater syndicate) -and the previous Sunday to accommodate with the hall, then was the yesterday meeting about contracts, today the visits at Sport Expo and ROC headquarters.

...Better put more mattress near apparatus, at Ploiesti-next week. Some (from the few who may be able to compete) may need them.Badly (unfortunately).

During the Izvorani visit, Mrs.Bitang was seen all the time with a 1 liter bottle of Coke in her hands.With her nervous precedents (a 2002 nervous break down), better use other juices, even if the local version of famous drink is far from what we know and may have less caffeine, but still...Nice shoes, anyway - she could easy break the cement of the wrong build vault with the point tops.Maybe Mr. Belu can pay for a hair saloon, too?

[Update: every months, few new articles about the low quality of sport halls which were build, with overprices, by former neo communist regime.Especially for Romanians abroad, an Evenimentul Zilei article about another disastrous made sport hall (one of the few newspapers which has remained independent during previous communist regime which has installed a heavy censorship.]

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