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[Dec 12] Nadia Comaneci, launching the Qatar gymnastics

A Philippine newspaper reports that Nadia Comaneci is currently training the Qatar gymnastics team, for next Olympics Games.
Recently, Nadia Comaneci was among the World's Top Athletes to attend to grand opening of a new sport facility in Qatar. Maradona, the soccer star, was paid (according to media reports) a top $500,000 to attend the event.Gymnastics is less popular, but we can imagine that Nadia got a nice piece of cake, too.

Philippine Daily Inquirer: "Golden girl of Philippine archery"
"Nadia Comaneci, the great Romanian gymnast, is now training gymnasts of Qatar/United Arab Emirates for the coming Asian Games and Olympic competitions."

We can think more about Nadia supervising the new launched Qatar gymnastics training program, rather than being involved in direct coaching.

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