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[Jan 14] Girls overweight problem, Belu's comments and fans reaction

Here are some of the (most interesting) Romanian gymnastics fans comments which we have found over the Internet.We have had recently a very useful discussion with Mr. Belu regarding the freedom of speech (which, he said to us, he respect and use it himself, like in the Stars gift case, when he made himself some "free" comments). Well, we do respect (not less) the freedom of speech ourselves, and we think is important that even Mr.Belu have to know what the fans of Romanians gymnastics think about his recent opinions regarding girls gaining overweight. It may help, we hope.

Here are some of them, random selected:

"Of course a coach can't threat, abuse, humiliate an athlete to make her lose weight, as happened in the romanian team since 1975 . What bothers me is the way Belu expresses himself in the matter. The way he talks about his gymnasts shows his lack of respect for them. Accusing them of secretely stuffing themselves and the total focus on the "kilogram problem" is really disturbing. The girls will probably lose most of their extra kilos just by starting to train fully again. Also, some of the gaining is probably growth related. They're not twelve anymore!"

This sounds very similar to 01-02. I bet most of these girls will retire, get injured, or get kicked out of Deva by the middle of next year. All of them have lots of money now, so there's no reason for them to take Belu's crap if they don't want to.

The reason they are 'running to fat' is because they have probably never had access to proper, healthy nutrition in the first place. They don't know what normal is, so no wonder they can't stick to it.

Is it wrong of me to find this almost amusing? Like, he's basically telling the press that he's going to start starving them again - can you IMAGINE any of the coaches in America admitting to anything like this, even though they've basically done, um, the same thing to their own gymnasts?

Perhaps it's a cultural thing, or something with the translation... but why is he even airing this out in public?

He got his point across, but it probably didn't work like he wanted it to. I'd be relieved when I stepped on the scale to find out he was off by 12 lbs. It's absurd that he thinks they did it to disrespect them. I mean does he know how hard it is to have everybody control your every move and morsel and then to be suddenly dumped into the "real world." It's not an easy transition. If that is how he treats his athlete's, than that is rediculous.

It doesn't make any sense for Belu to keep them out of the gym if they're overweight - how are they going to lose the weight? It seems like these girls clearly don't have enough in their lives to keep them occupied with some desire other than food.

Yes, it would be better to do more aerobic work and lose some of the excess fat before they started the more pounding skills on the apparatus.

Sure it isn't good for a gymnast to train/ compete over their ideal weight - but you have to take into account that these are teenagers and STILL GROWING. There are dozens of medical articles that show that high level athletes have growth spurts during off-season or any break from high-intensity training. Maybe the added chocolate didn't help - but you have to think that the little Rom... were also dealing with the inevitable puberty monster after the Olympics/ World Cup season was over.

The KONSPIRACY theorist in me thinks that Belu's rantings are more about wanting to get rid of a few unnamed gymnasts he dislikes in order to bring up some promising juniors.

Eating in secret is sad, but I've no doubt that the Roms have to do that just to get an adequate diet. Coaches are too often paranoid about weight gain.     

I agree that constantly training and competing underweight will lead to injuries, but you can't say that doing the same overweight doesn't. It IS dangerous to practice the skills they do when 10 pounds or more overweight. It will burn out their bodies more quickly. Just try doing some jumps and roundoffs with a 10-lb weight belt on - it's a lot more pounding on and requires a lot more effort from the body. This is not to say that Belu is not a total jackass for discussing this subject, esp in this way, with the media (again). What a jerk.

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