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  [March 6] Andreea Raducan, in a Sunday live TV show

Andreea Raducan was among the special Guests Stars in a "Antena1" TV live show today (to be replayed Monday morning after 3,30 a.m.). The show is one of the longest (maybe the Longest, and boring also, many Romanian TV viewers saying) in Romania , like 3...4 hours on Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, Andreea was asked about her present life. She is a student at Timisoara University, still have the "Image contract" with a travel agency (for letting them to use her image, to promote travel in Romania).

The show producer, Mrs.Mihaela Radulescu, seems to be still ignorant on Romanian gymnastics-as seen also last December, when she named "girls from the team"-she didn't know the names of the girls about Romanian gymnastics.

Asked about her " future" career as a coach, Andreea Raducan says that she don't think about this at all, because " she don't like the coach job at all" .

The main idea in the Andreea Raducan speech was that top gymnastics " is a voluntary job, if you want, you keep going, if not you can stop anytime [unless you get threatened, like few girls in the past, that your parents will be asked to pay a fortune for your past years of training; or your coach will not " work" again on your 2...5 years washed brain" and do their best to turn you opposite and stay ].

Raducan (which was one of the B&B's favorites and still have a close relationship with them, close enough to call Petrovschi at phone and speak dirty to her after she could not convince her -probably on B&B guidance- to drop the case, past October) seems to come at the show with a " hidden list" of " anti-Petrovschi subjects" and they have reached them all. Raducan says that she have competed many times with her palms seriously damaged, even bleeding, but " in the end, all these are forgotten when you reach the first step at the Award Ceremony" .

[Update-since we received some questions from our site visitors: as you can see, we didn't said that Raducan spoke about Petrovschi at all; is just she, like few other former gymnasts past months (all of them being pro-B&B), have said exactly same things which are B&B "favorite's" : "gymnastics is a voluntary activity", "you have to sacrifice yourself to get results" and so on. These girls were fortunately enough to not get seriously injured; the ones who weren't so lucky have a different view, since they feel (for the rest of their life) what B&b can do to get results at any costs. Other parents children pay the costs-their health. My point is they need to take care of all girls, but extra care for those seriously injured.]

If you have problems with your palms, Andreea, you can see the " problem" and do whatever you want-keep going or stop. If you have (serious) back problems and the coaches (who supposed to take care of you, since you live with them, not with your parents) lies to you that " there is no problem" -then you keep telling yourself that they must be right...

...And they weren't , like in many other cases in the past; they lie the athletes, they lie (or hidden the info from medical records) the girls parents, up to the point when they decide...they don't need you any more, and you are "free" to discover yourself (on your own expense) what medical problems you may have and try to do something-sometime is almost too late, like in Marinescu or Petrovschi case. Our sources says that Marinescu could not have a suit filed against " them" because her past medical files -those who reveal the real thing, not the B&B " true", have
"vanished". Petrovschi was lucky enough to have (most of them) only by chance, pure luck and a lot of courage (and a new Director of the National medical Center which have felled pity of her and her situation). Past weeks, Oana P. was still accused by some B&B " servants" in media as " stealing her medical records". This stupid idea can make you laugh if you live in the Free World, how can you be accused of having your own medical files, previously hidden for you?...But in Romania, where B&B have ru(i)ned, as it seems, a highly controlled gymnastic " camp" (sound to me more like a labor camp, less the doctor which is always present-in the labor camp, at Deva none since 2000- they have exploited girls mainly for their benefit, including under the table 30% tax), they can have such a rudeness, to accuse (this have happened few times past months, since the trial gets more coverage) a girl that she was lucky enough to recoup, for few hours only, her medical files! (and she could not have copied it in full and one of the X-rays could not be obtained even by her lawyer).

Raducan also said at Antena 1 TV show that " many people don't know the sacrifices we need to make, to have those top level exercises.But we are happy that we can provide them such great moments".

Well, past few years, the wall curtain around Deva fortress have started to fall apart, and since last September, the Petrovschi case may be the decisive hit which can break the whole system - based on lies (to athletes, their parents, to media and authorities), ignorance (of parents regarding their children real medical and school situation), fraud (past years ages fraud, the money scammed by Belu from girls on those "voluntarily 30% gifts" -yeah, right, voluntarily but children were forbidden to talk even to their parents about those money "presents"!) and abuses (physical ones until 2002, verbal ones still confirmed as going on, until recently- from B&B, as Ponor coach have said to press past weeks " Bitang language is rude and so dirty that I would fire my cleaning lady from the gym hall if she use same language" -get the picture?).

In Bucharest alone, more than ...1500 (!) Foundations were created having, among other things, the purpose of "taking care" of the supposed-to-be...2000 children who live on the streets. (So many Foundations to take a piece of foreign aid for those children). Most of children live voluntarily on street and deny any offer to live in a State or private run orphanage. Street children even have a modern dedicated Clinic build on West private contributors; some Foundations take care of things like "mobiles canteens" in mini vans, to provide them hot meals and healthy food.

...Maybe such a Charity Foundation, instead of those Romanian officials paid for this, should take care also on Romanian Top Gymnasts, too-if a former gymnast like Oana Petrovschi have to take private offers to have a decent (and honest) medical exam. If they could not convince her drop the suit by spreading lies about her and her life, by lying in Court, threatening anybody who dare to speak, now they use the " ultimate $olution": close her mouth by giving her (under-the-table-alike, not as a honest admitting of their mistakes) a money " compensation" and make her drop the suit. Good for them, for the money, but could be a two sided blade for future, since the list of " problem cases" is so long. Who knows, may give ideas to others...And they can't be lured any more in the future-like Sabina, for example- by asking them to make (useless) repeated " medical tests" followed by nothing (cure, treatment or whatsoever).

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