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[March 7] Nadia's "Montreal 1976" costume, to be auctioned

During a Sport-related exhibition at Deva History Museum , a costume which looks like the ones used by the Romanian national team during 80's , is displayed in the exhibition.

The costume was borrowed to the exhibition by a family related to the ones of Romanian famous poets (Sorescu, died years ago).A member of this family, supposed visiting Nadia's family back in 1982, have received as a gift the costume and a book about her (the Ioan Chirila Romanian language book called simply "Nadia").

First news about this costume, which they pretend to be the one Nadia used at Montreal in 1976, were heard last September, I think. The price asked back then (because their main intention was to promote it for selling) was $1500 (like Euros 1000). After few weeks and "friendly advice's" from everybody around who knows how much such a thing may bring, the family which own the costumes raised slowly the price. Now the starting price for an international auction is said to be Euros 10 000 (like $14 000).

It is said that the costume is the one which Nadia used at Montreal, when she made the gymnastics change for ever, with the "1.00"being displayed instead of "10"-which was supposed of not being achievable. The idiots who thought this were maybe same "Club" as one of my former teachers, who use to said "10"is for God"- but I suppose many of you, native Romanians or not, have had such a stupid teacher? But we all have now Bruno G..., who came with this stupid idea of moving scores up (Houston, we have a problem?! , can you send him back on his Stupids-Planet, where he may belong?)

Back to the costume auctioned. The model displayed in the exhibit and available for auction is the one used by the Romanian team for a long time, from 1975 to 1983, at least. The family who owns it, said that they have received it in 1982. It can be one of Nadia's costume, but it can be one used after Montreal, maybe in Moscow (or not used at all, because we can't imagine she gave them a very used one, especially the one who brings her so many wonderful moments).

For those who don't know, the girls from the national team still have to wash by hand their costumes. The automated washing machine is used only for heavy items, the costumes have to be carefully washed. This is a very painful process, especially when you have your palms bleeding or suffering from scars. "We have had to use some plastic bags on our hands, to avoid the painful smarting"-said a former team member. We have suggested to RGF past months to get (or we can arrange a donation) a small, manual-moving washing machine, to help girls get rid of those bad moments of washing costumes by hand only.By manually rotating a knob, a small container is rolling and make the washing easier, more like a play (it's used in places with no electricity or to help washing manually delicate things).

With the gymnasts having like six costumes of same model back in those (dark communist) years, the chance of having the real costume from Montreal is one in six. But thinking more about, we can also imagine that maybe Nadia gave to those friends one of the newer costumes, from late 80's. The true is only known by Nadia, and she has refused to sign a Certificate of Authenticity, needed for the auction (along with her authorization, also).

If the costume is real, that family can not sell it (legally) without Nadia's authorization. Maybe the best solution for them is to make a deal with Nadia manager, to offer them the item at the discounted price and later the costume to be auctioned for charity-the benefits going to a Fund to help former gymnasts in need, and the costume -to a Sport Museum, maybe the ROC or RGF one. We have thought about this too, but didn't make any step or speak about with them, last autumn (when the price was more realistic), but later we have moved our efforts (time and the budget) to help a little bit the (more urgent) problems of some of the gymnasts in need (medical problems), which are more urgent.

We can only hope that the costume will take his place in a Museum and will not decorate a bar wall or something.

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