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 Main coach: Dan Grecu

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 [May 19] Nadia Comaneci has (finally) met the new Romanian President

During a reception hosted today by a Romanian top radio station (Europe FM), Nadia Comaneci, which is visiting Romania for a second time in a month, has (finally) met the new Romanian President Basescu.

Antena 1 TV station which aired a short news regarding the reception, aired few images with Nadia talking with the President and said that "they have discussed for few minutes."

Traian Basescu, the former (right) Opposition candidate, have won last November elections almost unexpected, in front of the powerful, more experienced (and very corrupted, says local press) left candidate Nastase.

But Adrian Nastase is also the Godfather of Nadia & Bart...and here's the soap opera beginning.

Like two weeks ago, Nadia have told (BIG mistake, darling) to a Romanian weekly that she has visited the Presidential Palace (hoping to get a warm greeting, as usual past years). This time, the new President Basescu "didn't have time to met her" and let one of his counselors to speak with Nadia -who didn't show up in Romania for six months after elections...due "to her busy schedule"- read it due to her strong back up for the -looser- left candidate Nastase.

Being very pissed off by this cold Presidential welcome (or no welcome at all), Nadia told to that magazine and the magazine printed big page headers...of course they did smell the scandal-"I was sorry that Adrian Nastase wasn't elected as President." (Original:"Mi-a parut rau ca Adrian Nastase n-a iesit Presedinte"). Well, this is the point where we don't share same opinion: we, those who really care about Romania (and not only our own interests) were very happy that Nastase went down (and hope to remain there).

Nadia didn't trust herself the former communist regime, which have ruled (directly or behind their puppets) Romania past 15 years. Until 1994, when she get (five years after she has landed in US) her American citizenship, she didn't put a step in her native country, to avoid any risk of having her special status (asylum) being taken down. She use to met her mother in Paris, because she didn't want to visit Romania until she get her citizenship. Later, having her US status secured...she chose to support the neo communists, especially during their 2004 campaign. Having love affairs with sons of former dictators is just a soap opera, but backing up those which have ruined (again) Romania-mostly due to their corruption- is by far worst. A black spot in future's history gymnastics books will remain.

Nadia have supported the former Romanian neo communist regime during both local elections last year (her photo and support statement
being printed on a luxury printed psd electoral paper) and also during Presidential elections. The funniest thing was Basescu (which now is the President) was the Opposition candidate for local election in June (he won) and few months later...on the Presidential elections, too. Fortunately , he won again. Nadia's neo communists friends lost both elections (and Romania can finally dump those corrupted politicians).

Of course that everybody can have any kind of political friends, opinions and so on. It's very comfortable to live & benefit from democracy, by living and earning top $$$, mostly in US, the best democracy (..."money can buy"-what a funny book), and neo communist, because you have personal interests & (top) benefits -image or ca$h, like some communist government making arrangements for a wedding and pushing some companies close to them to make TV advertisements with "somebody", sending the National Team to US paid shows from which girls get...candies and so on.

Nadia is a living legend, a gymnastic top symbol, but I remind reading on history books that in France, after second WW, most of the Nazi "collaborators" were shot to death and those which may escaped weren't allowed to do much in the new democratic regime. This seems hard back then, but if you think more, how else can be punished idiots which ruin a whole country, taking decades to get back her position in the World?

Knowing directly from my family few survivors, from the last three generations, how much and deep the communist regime have destroyed the country (Romania) and seeing myself later, after 1990, how much the neo-communists have managed to keep the country down (Romania being the last country on living standards among former communist countries, the poorest in Europe and so on), I can only say that Nadia should be grateful each morning for earning & living in the US.

It's just not fair (and very hypocrite, anyway) to live in a democracy, benefit 110% from it for you, and support the worst society cancer- the neo-communists, back in your home country. Try living with the monthly income of $150, as your political "friends" who ruined our country want Romanians to do. (In the meantime, in all the other former communist countries, which are not so rich in resources as Romania, people have three times more).

Sometime, our own personal interest must and have to remain below the nation's one, darling.

Perfect Ten? Yes, for the gym, but that 1.0 seems now very appropriate for the politics you made.
Last year, the Opposition was so close to loose election, (the communists have managed to fix a lot of votes to favor them) that every celebrity which have supported the (neo)communists, should now being finger pointed. Or just being showed "that" finger ?

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