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 Main coach: Dan Grecu

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    [Nov 2] Romanian gymnastics: The Revolution is close

15 years after the communism went down in Romania (or at least we like to think so), a new era may start soon in Romanian gymnastics, finally.

On November 21st there will be election at Romanian Gymnastics Federation. Their President, Nicolae Vieru, is the oldest (as age and head position) in Romanian sport. Last year, at the athletics federation, coaches have succeeded to remove another "black figure" of older neo-communists (and dictatorships) in sport. Other Romanian sports were or still are in turmoil, trying to change the "old guard"with fresh new faces or at least more competent leaders.

Adrian Stoica, the RGF General Secretary (the right hand of Vieru until now) have (shinny) expressed his wish to be a candidate for the top President position. In an interview for "Gardianul" this week he said "I'm thinking very serious about (running for the RGF Presidency at) next elections. In my opinion, we need a change. I don't want to accuse Mr. Vieru for incompetence, but , in a democracy, it's normal that people are changed."

With B&B out of National team, Catalina's former (and present) coach Matei Stanei being on TV almost every week (until this year such a thing would not be even thinkable), we can say that we may see (finally) a long-waited "Revolution" coming into the Romanian gymnastics.

If the coaches from local clubs may choose Stoica as the new President, this way they may broke (almost) all the connection's with the dark past of Romanian gymnastics: hard rule system, faking ages system, verbal and physical abuses being tolerated by former President Vieru, pocketing all girls money (from 80's to 1994, then taking the 30% " gift tax" ) and so on. Romanian gymnastics need a new leader with a new spirit and being more willing to change.Stoica may do the job, for the moment.

The bad story in Romania is that you still have to choose among two "bad things" : the older, very bad one, and a newer one, which is still not good, but not as bad the very old one. This was the situation in last year Presidential elections, this is now the situation at RGF election.

I hope that coaches from around the country may get the picture: if you still want the same old " don't care about clubs" system, low wages and no real hopes for improvements, then... vote Vieru again.
He is the one decorated by the neo-communist Iliescu right in the middle of the faking ages scandal, back in 2002. Then, last year, between the first and second round of Presidential elections (the most important, historical moment for Romania to dump the communists), the Golden Team (excepting Oana Ban, the only one from retired gymnasts clever enough and having the dignity not to support those damn communists) made an appearance at the " VIP Youth Prizes" (crap) show, mean to support the neo-communist candidate Geoana (helping him to have another National TV appearance just few days before elections). The girls shouldn't be there, but with communist Vieru heading the RGF and pro-communist Belu "owning" the team at his own wish (and benefit), the team was there.

Thanks God the neo communists have lost the last November elections, but I doubt the new Government will now support gymnastics as needed if they keep as RGF President such a communist named " the last communist dinosaur in sport " by the independent press.

The Old communist guys support each other and even this year, during the " hostage crisis" the communists from Romanian sports (don't be surprised, communists still have much influence, through their puppets from ROC and federations like RGF), the National team was taken by Belu at a rally to " support the return of hostages" -which was in fact a rally to destroy the (former Opposition candidate and now the new President) Basescu credibility and push him to change his pro-US attitude in Iraq (those rallies ended by asking the President to remove the Romanian troops from Irak). He didn't do so, but the new democratic Government have had some very, very dark days. And Belu dragged the Team to that kind of Rally because he was top paid by ROC and obey their " advice's".

[It was no coincidence that all the top sports pro-communists figures made their appearances there.Another neo communists puppy (he was their candidate for the Mayor of Bucharest), former tennis champion Ilie Nastase was there in that day, trying (video footage from independent OTV) to "get arrested" and making much noise, hoping to help neo communists to start some riots right at University square.No chance, but their gestures need to be counted.]

I hope that Romanian coaches who live abroad will support the changes from their native country; you can, at least make some phone calls back home to your colleagues and encourage them to make the changes.

I hope at least some Romanian sport journalists may have the guts to interview more coaches from local clubs and encourage them to express freely their opinions; until now, most of them (and sport journalists, too) were afraid to do so. I'm not referring at the well known B&B's kiss-in-the @ss *journalists*, those don't count. But there are still many others which may have the dignity and want to help our country to dump the " Old Guys". Their era is gone, we have to clean the dust (first) and go back to work.

I wish Good luck, Mr. Stoica! in elections and I'm sure that after you will win the elections, many companies will (finally) start support the Romanian gymnastics. Until now, with the bad *management* of Vieru and the bad attitude of B&B' s, nobody wanted to be connected with them or being around.This is the real and only explanation why the top Romanian sport didn't have any sponsor at all.

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