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 Main coach: Dan Grecu

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[Nov 29] SID: The Romanian gymnasts are not competitive anymore

The German newswire Society for Information Display (SID) commented on the weak performances of the Romanian gymnasts at the Melbourne World's, saying the new standing is due to the fact Mariana Bitang and Octavian Belu are not in charge of the Olympic Team anymore. The article called "More freedom, less performance - the Romanians are not competitive anymore" was published at the end of last week by Belgian paper Grenz Echo and was afterwards quoted by the German newswire SID.

"Having a sophisticated cell phone and a short top with a low cut, Catalina Ponor drew attention at the opening festivity in Melbourne.

left-the Belgian journalist preparing for the article

About the Belgian paper:In the German speaking part of Belgium Grenz Echo is published. Founded in 1927, this Catholic newspaper is published by an independent publishing house. The circulation is 11,000. Recently 50 per cent of the shares were taken over by Rossel.
[So, what we have here? A small paper with unskilled *journalists*
.Here are some quotes and our comments.]

"Having a sophisticated cell phone and a short top with a low cut, Catalina Ponor drew attention at the opening festivity in Melbourne. But the performances of the former Athens triple Olympic champion were less attractive," said Grenz Echo.

[Looks like Belgium still have those manual-action phone from the last century; or maybe the low-paid (doesn't surprise me, looking at his crap articles) *journalist* never saw a quality mobile phone. Catalina is a top gymnast, Olympic champion-good to her she is up to date with her phone, it's her work.]

"The former robot-gymnasts give the impression they are tourists in Australia and not high-performance athletes,"

[All gymnastics is based on robot type "action"; a girl have to practice thousands of times each skill, to do it correctly; it's not about thinking or making strategies-it's about who is able to make the elements almost without thinking. Catalina like to be well dressed, this stupid journalist would expect to see her wearing only those training suits?]

"I have more freedom than before; my life has changed," said Ponor, denying her drop of shape has anything to do with her new lifestyle: "I will make progress and, as for my new coach Matei Stanei, he is very good at what he does."

[Catalina lost like four kilos, after one year when she kept gaining weigh, no matter what; her drop of shape has something to do with B&B lack of professionalism after Athens. Coach Stanei have had managed to bring her back in shape, during past three months only.
This idiot didn't make his own lessons, otherwise he would know the real causes of girls problems.]

But the results at Melbourne show the contrary.

[You can't have a top gymnast back in shape in three months, any idiot should understand this, even a Belgian one. I didn't saw Carly or other Olympic medalist at Worlds, so Catalina did great, trying her best for one more year after Olympics.The results at Melbourne
have a very simple explanation: B&B have deserted-after being high paid by ROC-because they knew how "well" they have "trained" the girls past 12 months.ANY medal -even bronze from Catalina-is like a bonus for Romanian gymnastics, ruined in 2005 by B&B. All the credit for this medal goes to coach Stanei-who, by the way, didn't make such fuss about payments-he got nothing comparing with "those". Also Floarea's 6th place is her best performance EVER- and the credit goes to another great coach, Mrs.Eliza Stoica. Only three countries got three medals at Worlds, which in each case have been a gold, a silver, and a bronze: Japan, China, aaand..... Romania!, without B&B]

[B&B] "they not only get paid better but have better training facilities that are missing in Romania."

[They have had the latest training facilities available on the market, both in Deva and Bucharest.They were paid like $12 000 -tax free- monthly, a small fortune for Romania; Belu has imposed a 30% "gift tax" on girls income, which practically means he owns the national team like his own employees or something. Most important, they will never have what Romania has provided to them: talented young and desperate girls, with parents ready to take all the abuses and so on.]

The article calls Belu and Bitang "discipline fanatics";
[I may say that Belu have had a long physical abuses period in his career, and more recently a pimp-alike style, by pretending money from girls (and later bashing them on media). Bitang is not only a discipline fanatic, but her day-to-day language is so low that coach Stanei said that even his cleaning lady speaks better when she is mad and don't use words like fat cows, "cretine" and so on. Wonder if they would try this abroad-it would be funny for us to hear how it worked with the US parents, for example.]

"The two coaches did not approve that the little gymnasts became women with various interests."

[Of course they don't; they would like to have those little girls earning medals & money for them at 2-3 Olympics, if possible, to stay locked in their rooms even on Saturday nights-when B&B enjoy their lovers life, instead of supervising them].

The fact that members of the Olympic team went out to a club and returned early the next morning made the former coaches paint a scandalous picture: "One day we'll hear our girls had group sex"

[It was a frame; the girls don't have any training on Sunday; the sport hotel restaurant was hosting a marriage ceremony, which would prevent girls having any rest; the club was fully booked for a private party and is owned by a person close to RGF; B&B knows girls have left the hotel, but instead of going to club and bring them back-to prevent any incident, as their legal obligation was, they liked more to wait-with the TVR1 cameras-until girls returned at 4 a.m. The whole thing have happened because B&B liked to enjoy the high life in Bucharest and not to stay any more at Deva, as they should. Will have another article dedicated to Belu's sick words about girls having...]

SID quoted Belu and Bitang. Catalina Ponor said that at the end of her career she will consider becoming a model. "With or without clothes," comments the source, adding that other two Romanian former champions, Aurelia Dobre and Lavinia Milosovici, made a career from taking their clothes of and earned good money out of it.

[Catalina have answered to -more clever- reporters, which has bothered to ask her, that any nude-type posing doesn't interest her; even if she would like do this one day, it's their problem; I would like to remind to that stupid Belgian journalist, who wrote for a German-language newspaper, that fortunately we aren't in a 3rd Reich colony, like he acts alike; Catalina and all her colleagues can pose to whatever magazine; not like we encourage this, but they live in a free country and not in the -planned-1000 years nazi Empire (who died in few years) who use to dictate to their citizens what to do. Maybe the Belgian *reporter* have something against the beauty of girls, but this is his own personal problem & lifestyle, which we respect.]

      Belu's (stupid) remark on girls, hard criticized by gym fans

   the best ones will be published

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