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     Beijing 2008  
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  Athens 2004   
Catalina Ponor
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  Oana Ban   
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  Andreea Munteanu
 Main coach: Octavian Belu
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coach Lucian Sandu

  Marius Urzica
   Maria Dragulescu
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  Dan Potra
  Razvan Selariu
  Daniel Popescu

 Main coach: Dan Grecu

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[August 8] The Countdown for Worlds Championships has begun

Deva, Romania                                    

  Romanian gymnastics team have assisted today at the installing of the new gym equipment which just arrived. It's a new type (no more J&F), same type to be used at the Worlds Championships in Denmark.

  This event can mark the beginning of a countdown to Worlds Championships. Former team member Floarea Leonida has returned at team this week. "Despite the fact she was very criticized in the past for some of her bad moments, Floarea has jumped to help the team in a difficult moment. She didn't thought much about her personal chances for medals, she will compete for the team and this is great" -said main coach Nicolae Forminte
for earlier today.

  There is still a (slim) chance for the Romanian gymnastics fans to see a return of their favorite, Catalina Ponor. She did a great job at Euros and she may want to retire now; facing the strong competitors from USA, China and even the new come Italy, Catalina Ponor don't want to risk again her image, like at the first post-Athens Worlds. RGF is not known for their ability to conduct negotiations with former gymnasts , so the only hope may come from Catalina herself and her (famous) Mom.

   Unfortunately, the gracious and much admired Andreea Munteanu is out of the question for the Worlds, because of her bad medical track. She already told that she can't return, no matter what, because her medical condition does not allow this. All those years with a poor quality medical assistance (if one), the (almost) non existent post traumatic take revenge.

  However, beside medals (which are good but not the main goal at this Worlds) the Romanian gymnastics team need as much help as they can get. Catalina's ambition and determination can have a positive (and big) influence for a good result for the team. For Ponor, this is the most important decision in her life: if she take the risk and compete, she may not get a Gold medal, as people use to expect from the Queen of Athens*.

  Catalina can help, once more, the Romanian gymnastics team in the most difficult moment, past 30 years. She owe this to the Romanian gymnastics and she may think more about doing this.

  The Big Revolution in Romanian gymnastics has started in 2005 with Catalina's (very brave) announcement that she will leave the team (after being treated, as usually, with less-than-deserved consideration by former coaches). She wanted to prove to "them" and to the World that she can do it to Euros. And she did. Almost by herself and with the great support of her Mom (which deserve the title "Mom of the Year in Gymnastics"), with the great work of coach Matei Stanei.

  Catalina Ponor have had strong back pains past months. Up to a point, this is normal. All former gymnasts have (big) pains, especially because nobody from the medical team at Deva or INMS have bothered to teach them what to do after retire.
  Top medical specialists consulted by have advised retired girls (we have seen this past years) to...continue with light training (running, swimming) after they retire, otherwise the body suffer major schoks-and here are the big, big pains! After 10 years or more of hard training, the body (not the brain:-), ha-ha!) still want to be pushed to the limit, as it was instructed to do so.

  This time, Catalina can have a unique chance to make (again) history. This time is not even about medals, it's not about money (but the Worlds can bring up to $60,000 during next years, due to an increase of 40% of pension) it's about her attitude: can she make (another) sacrifice and return to the team, to help it in the darkest moments?  Tough decision, but if she do, Romanian gymnastics fans and the Romanian gymnastics history will remember her for doing this.

   It's not about medals, it's not about personal image, it's not about money; it's about the spirit which only, only the Great Champions may have (and she has it, if she look deeper): compete for the people who loves you, compete for the team, finish the job you have started (helping the first, badly needed, long waited, big changes in the Romanian gymnastics).

    Maybe you will not get the Gold in Melbourne, Catalina; but you can help things to change in good, for good (finally) in Romanian gymnastics! You can make history.This is a real challenge for a Queen of Gymnastics, for a Champion!

   ...Otherwise, all those efforts, including your, Catalina, to change (in better) the Romanian gymnastics may be blow in the wind...and "they" will return. For the  time.

*she got 3 medals at Athens, she was the most beloved gymnast by the public, most gracious; until Beijing, she deserve the Title of the Queen; she has confirmed at Euros that she is a Queen and not just a Comet in gymnastics, shining only for a week at Olympics...

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