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                           Andreea CHELARU

-name: Andreea Chelaru
-birthdate: 24 March 1985
-hometown: Brasov
-homeclub: CSS Onesti
-started training in onesti at age 7
  Photo at right: Silvia Stroescu visiting Andreea during her January 2005 Otopeni clinic investigations & treatment; amateur snapshot from Andreea's private collection.

- favourite gymnast:Nadia Comaneci
-the family now lives in Zarnesti
- her mother Adriana works as a lathe operator at the 6th March factory, and got laid off in 2001. Her father, a chemical products operator is unemployed

-On 15 december 1999.Andreea's live drastically changed.When she was training vault she landed on her head and got paralyzed.Andreea laid unconscious for two weeks in a hospital in Iasi.

Results: 1999 -Romanian Nationals 3rd. Team (LPS/CSM Onesti)

Andreea Chelaru was a member of the Nadia Comaneci gymnastics highschool in Onesti. The school where all the national junior gymnasts train.

Chelaru was hoping to follow in the footsteps of Nadia Comaneci and other famous gymnasts, who all started their career at Onesti as, for instance, Ana Maria Bican, Ionela Loaies, Andreea Taclit and Andreea Isarescu.

Being a national junior team member, Andreea was on the right track until disaster struck on the 15th of December 1999. That morning she had started the training session on floor but soon moved on to vault. There, she ran up to the horse, pushed off, but got lost in the air and fell on her back really hard. When she tried to get up, she couldn't. As a result, Andreea was unconscious for two weeks, in a hospital in Iasi.

After being operated on in Iasi, she and her mother Adriana were sent to Bucharest to see another doctor and Andreea was operated on again. Andreea could only move her arms, neck, eyes and lips but on New Year's Eve in 2001, she found out that she would have a chance to walk again, following a surgical procedure that she had done in September 2002, in the city of Bordeaux, France. This was all arranged via the French gymnastics club Libourne, which Andreea visited during an exchange program with the Onesti gym club. Andreea went to Bordeaux in September 2002 and stayed there for 6 months. She had the operation done at the 'La Tour de Gassie' hospital. Unfortunately she could still not use her legs and only has a chance of regaining use of her legs through an other operation but the chance of succession is 70%.


  In autumn 2004, Andreea got a lifetime pension from ROC (Romanian Olympic Committee); she will get Euros 100 (like $ 150) and all medical expenses paid (which more than double the amount, she need a lot of medicines and medical supplies). Until then, Andreea's mother has received a small pension from the State (as somebody which escort full time a disabled person).

   In November 2005, her ROC pension was increased by 50%; now she gets monthly Euros 150 (like $200). All her expenses for pills and medical supplies (like Pampers and so on) are reimbursed by same ROC.

  In October 2004, Andreea family finally got the help needed to instal a phone line (after 4 years of waiting).

  In January 2005, Andreea got a two weeks session and medical investigations at Otopeni clinic (a VIP's clinic nearby Bucharest, used by former presidents and top West actors). It was the first time when Andreea (and her mother, too-her medical situation was difficult after years of carring Andreea in her arms) got a high quality treatment (including full RMN investigations) in Romania (all paid by the ROC).

   With same occasion, she got the assistance needed to file a memo to the Romanian Prime Minister, explaining her situation. She got a personal answer soon and her case was directed to the Medical Department of County Brasov. Fall 2005, the file needed some more documents and a doctor's official opinion from a Targu Mures Clinic. According to the Romanian laws, before asking for State funds for abroad treatments / operations, you need to be consulted / checked by local famous doctors which can legally approve such things.

  In October 2005, Andreea received first hand info about a Chinese Clinic and treatment, using "stem"cells; this treatment was successfully used in the past to help other people, including Romanians, to walk again. The cost of operation is around 20,000 Euros (like $25,000). If the proper documentation is filled and all agreements obtained, the State can finance such a treatment.
(read the "Libertatea"article on stem cells:"Leac minune pentru oamenii paralizati" )

  Andreea Chelaru filled all documentation needed for the medical Commission and applied for financial aid in spring 2006. Local Brasov county medical commission has approved her examination by the region medical Commission (which has authority over all Transylvania counties).
  In September 2006 Andreea has faced the doctors from Targu Mures Medical Commission; they discussed with her about all her past treatments and examined her documents from abroad Clinics. Late October (bureaucracy is very slow in Romania) she got a (kind of) final answer: they do not approve the financial aid, partly because is not on the official lists of treatments (it may takes years to be listed as "official"), partly because they are afraid that, by approving funds for this case...they will be flooded by many other cases alike (and do not have enough funds); they recommend that the highest Commission (from the Bucharest health Dep.) have a look on the case. Too late, she already have an appointment at Beijing Clinic in December 10.
  Andreea Chelaru asked by mail for financial aid to: RGF, ANS, ROC. The ROC has called her and advised her that a partial ($18.000) funding was made available from the State Lottery, another $5.000 coming from other sources. The new ROC employee, Ms.Andreea Raducan, is now in charge for these cases/projects. Bravo, Andreea!
   Same financial aid will be provided to Bogdan Cretu, Andreea's colleague from Brasov, which has same medical problems and who also have a treatment appointment in Beijing in 2007, obtained by romanian-gymnastics.com, too.

 Since we received some questions from those who may want to help, here is the list of what we need to do in near future for Andreea Chelaru:
-obtain for her a new (quality) computer (the older one is breaking often);
-obtain a (sponsored) quality Internet connection;
-an electric wheelchair, instead of the manual one she have now;
-a bathroom transport wheelchair .

  Besides all, just a simple supporting card could be nice, too.

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