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Raducan case and Tiriac statements

[11.08] Andreea Raducan's case at Sydney was an "execution", a "manipulated case" -said Mr. Ion Tiriac, President of Romanian Olympic Committee and member of International Olympic Committee.

In a night show at Romanian most popular television, the OTV-television, was interviewed by the Romanian most famous self-made businessman and journalist, Dan Diaconescu. Diaconescu owns and run one of the most contradictory Romanian television, which is most debated, but having one of the largest audience in Romania-due to his personal and "no limits" approach to any event or case.

Tiriac: "I have at my home Andreea Raducan's test from Sydney. We gave them 62 ml, they have sent us back 100 ml. I repeat each time when somebody ask me about this:"It was not a fair test, the probe has been manipulated. I ask the members of International Olympic Committee, each time we met, "Why did you make such a mistake?".
   They reply to me that "it was a complex situation". But nobody from O.I.C.'s 40 members presented his resignation, as it should." Andreea Raducan was not suspended or punished in any way by the International Gymnastics Federation- Tiriac said. In their (International Olympic Committee) hipocrisy, they even let her continue to compete next day-but for a child it was a big trauma to be treated as a criminal and of course Andreea Raducan could not compete any more."

Photo: Mr Ion Tiriac, President of Romanian Olympic Comitee, Mr.Adrian Nastase -Romanian Prime Minister and considered the next President and Mr.Ion Iliescu-President of Romania. Image taken at the reception for Romanian Delegation for Athens.(source:DAIS)-click to enlarge

  Andreea Raducan case

 Ion Tiriac, President of Romanian Olympic Committee, have stated Monday [August 9] evening, in a live, one-hour special program at Romanian National television, that Andreea Raducan, member of national Olympic team at Sydney in 2000, was, for sure, ripped of by her Gold medal in All Around competition.

Tiriac said that "It's a fact that we gave them 62ml of urine sample and they have returned us 100 ml. It was a set-up, I can honestly and responsibly say that, in front of everyone, even a judge!"

"Between our speed-courses among those different commissions and the sports law courts which put us on trial at Sydney, Andreea Raducan asked me once "Mr. Tiriac, am I arrested or am I being under drugs somehow?" -questions from an innocent child, completely innocent and which have had no idea what others did to her..."

Mr. Tiriac is close to an end of his second mandate as President of Romanian Olympic Committee. As rules does not allow him to apply for a third rally, he seems to be in a position to speak freely about delicate subjects. He is one of the wealthiest people in Romania, owning (among other things) a bank, an insurance company (the most succesful in Europe-according to his own statements), an air line company, some tennis tournaments, the local Mercedes, Ford and other 8 cars franchises and is one of the private counselors of Prime Minister Nastase regarding foreign investors.

Mr. Tiriac intolerance to banned substance was seen last Saturday, when he paid $15.000 from his personal funds, to sustain his long-debated intransigency in front of a special International Olympic Committee. The Romanian Athletics federation have applied for the permission to send at Athens Games two athletes which were previously banned for life, after using banned substances. According to International Athletics Federation, those Romanian athletes have passed the usual expelling time of two years, but Romanian Olympic Committee have issued since 2000 the highest national standard ever: if anyone use banned substances, is banned for life from any future competitions.

Mr Tiriac was in a very unpleasant position, to sustain a principle, against his own country medal-interest, but he won in front of International Olympic Committee.

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