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Oana Petrovschi, good and bad medical news

Oana Petrovschi was last two days under serious medical investigations at a Clinic near Budapest, Hungary. All necessary arrangements, including financial ones, were made by a Romanian millionaire, Janos Kurko, who own a famous hockey team in Miercurea Ciuc (running for the National title, against "Steaua" Bucharest).

Doctors in Budapest Clinic said that Oana have to take her treatment and take daily swimming hours, hoping that her young body will recover somehow. After six months, another medical investigation will let them know if she need a surgery -she may need one, as it seems now, but hopefully her treatment will prevent this happen.

The real bad news is that doctors have discovered two new (one smaller, second bigger) hernias, about which Oana didn't know anything before. One of them has broken and cause her those big pains.
Right: Oana older hernia-the red arrow;
the new ones, just discovered at Budapest Clinic-the green arrows. Graphics by Gazeta Sporturilor)

We can only say Bravo! to Mr.Janos Kurko, a native Hungarian living in Romania which, despite some (still existing) ethnic rivalries in Transylvania, proves that he is a good Romanian, a real gymnastics fan, which rather prefer to do something that sit and watch.

We still remember those many which have pretended to give their support (among them, the president of Romanian Soccer League, Mr. Dragomir, who said on TV that "he will ask the soccer clubs to donate money for the treatment of Oana"-nothing happened. Also during Oana's OTV show , a pretended-to-be self made millionaire said that he want to give his support because "he met Belu and he is a nice person and he want to help him escape from these bad moments"- but nothing happened after, maybe that guy was only another drunken who like to hear his voice live at TV.

Mr. Corneliu Vadim Tudor, the leader of "Grand Romania"Party (considered to be, by the European Union and US Officials) as nationalist-extremist party, took a strong position in favor of B&B during the recent developments of Petrovschi case. Being named (not without reason, as it seems), the "Rudotel-Senator"( "Prozac- Senator alike, for his often nervous crisis of verbal abuses in front of the TV cameras), Mr. Vadim Tudor liked so much to speak about his favorite subject, "the worldwide conspiracy, US included, against B&B"- but forget to do anything for the girl's health or future prevent of such things happening.Speaking much and do nothing to solve the problem, this is like a slogan for Romanian (past & present) politicians.

...Above all, this is a very bad "score", a big, huge ZERO for all the Romanian Sport authorities: Romanian Gymnastics Federation (and Belu is, by the way, a full member of RGF, not only a regular coach, as he pretend), the Romanian Sport Authority (ANS), Romanian Olympic Committee and Romanian Olympic Foundation (which have had a $ 2 500 000 budget for last year only, to be increased this year).

All these organizations, which spend Romanian's people tax money, did nothing for Oana Petrovshi health, their primary concern being only how to avoid the scandal being increased (there are rumors about other former gymnasts, thinking about to suit local clubs or RGF for same medical things as Petrovschi did).

All these Sport organizations did nothing to help Petrovschi, at least now, to recover (as much as possible) her health. Not to speak about (stupid) politicians, past and even (some of) the present ones.

When "our girls" came back to Romania with medals, there are no enough wide-angle TV cameras to have all those politicians near the girls, to "get a piece of cake" from the Girl's Glory. When things get wrong, like in Marinescu's case or Petrovschi one, they simply "do their best"-I mean , the regular kiss-in-the ass contest n front of TV cameras- to "keep B&B at team"-to get medals , no matter what, how and what consequences may be, to lure, once more, for the 1002nd time, the Romanian people for years to come, how "good and powerful" are they because they always "beat the biggest: the US and former CSI countries".

The Romanian Opposition, which have (finally) succeeded to remove the neo-communist regime last November, still have to fight for having the real power in their hands, since as much as 50% of the Parliament members are backing (because of corruption ties or other connections) the former communists. Local administration, in many places, is still in the hands of the bureaucrats and neo-communists. Which means, removing "the old people" from key positions is still an ongoing process, each day passing being a day lost from the life of future generations.

Being a nation of gymnastics-junkies, Romanians like to have (at any price, since the price is paid by...other parents and their children) their (so rare) moments of pride, from gymnastics, if not from their day to day life. What life, at $150 (if lucky, if you are younger) monthly income?...

A native (shame sometime to be) Romanian

...Sa va fie Rusine!

...Latest reports from Bucharest said that the team will start training (again) in Bucharest with Bitang, the only coach accused by Oana Petrovschi for pushing her to train, despite her medical bad condition. *Welcome* back, Mrs.Bitang!

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Photo credits, top left:
Nadia Comaneci, the first 10 in gym history, Montreal 1976,©A.P.photo;
Romanian Team, Silver Medal at 2003 World Gymnastics Championships
Marius Urzica; Catalina Ponor, Star of 2004 Olympics

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