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Catalina Ponor
  Daniela Sofronie
  Monica Rosu
  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   
  Silvia Stroescu
  Andreea Munteanu
 Main coach: Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
 coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

  Marius Urzica
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  Dan Potra
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  Daniel Popescu

 Main coach: Dan Grecu

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[Jan 16] B&B (desperate) looking for new political "friends"&protectors

Sunday morning, the Golden Team have attended the hockey "Romanian Cup" final, hosted by a sport hall nearby the girls training center.Catalina Ponor have started the game, a first in Romanian sport (to have a VIP opening a game).

The hockey game itself ended with a scandal, the referee's were accused by taking the winner side (Steaua Club, the club where Silvia Stroescu and Alexandra Eremia have strated gymnastics). New Romanian President Basescu was dragged into the middle of this, by the (still) leaders of Romanian sport, which have invited him to see the final and award the Trophy (which he denied to do, to avoid his predecessors mistakes of being too involved into sport).

The girls from Olympic Gold Team were in the first row, in the front of official place, where the President and the other officials have sited. (At the end of the game, they have moved to the front rows, trying to move a little bit and escape from freezing cold).

Maybe is was the cold from the ice, but President Basescu didn't show much enthusiasm regarding Belu (by contrary, he was very concern about the girls, asked his counselors if the girls from the Gold Team have proper clothes-they looks pretty uncomfortable during past minutes of the game and will not suffer from being two hours in such a low temperature)."the presence of the gymnasts have made us fight even more, for the victory"-told the leader of the winning "Steaua" team, to the reporters.

The game itself have had a heavy political meaning, because the team who lost this time ( "Miercurea Ciuc" Sport Club, which have won the National Title) represent a region from the middle of Transylvania, where most of former (centuries ago) colonists from Hungary and Austrian empire live. The historical rivalries among them and the native Romanians are still powerful, with Romanian fearing that most of former "colonists"still hope to join their native country by separating from Romania-which is not possible, but still under political debate.

...In the middle of all these scandals Belu was looking around (desperate) to get more attention from the new President Basescu. Insiders were just amused to see that he didn't get much attention. Maybe his active support for the former (neo communist) President Iliescu and his PSD party (considered by many, including European Union officials,a neo-communist and the most corrupted) play a role into this.

Last public appearance of the Gold Team in Bucharest, was just few days before the November elections.In a kind-of "Award" (fake) ceremony, secretly (not open disclosed) managed by a ...tabloid, many top Romanian young champions from sport, arts and music were invited in a widely advertised ceremony (aired at National State TV same evening, a very rare rush at the Romanian State television). Some fans of Romanian gymnastics, native Romanians, have wrote back then " it was only a propaganda show, with the only meaning to provide large press coverage for Mr. Geoana the Prime Minister-candidate of the PSD party (the neo-communist and corrupted one, which have ruled Romania past 4 years). Belu was a known supporter of them and he used the team to do this, also. They-Belu and most of the Athens Tea- have attend that cr#@ "show" , with only single, notable, exception: Oana Ban, which was advised just few hours before attend, about the political meaning of the show and returned 400 miles back to her hometown same night, after coming to Bucharest only for this. Being herself at that time (like most of the young people, like most of people from Transylvania) a strong supporter of (now President) Mr.Basescu, Oana took her first decision as a " free spirit" and didn't take part at that last (and stupid) show in favor of the neo-communist party PSD.Despite the "friendly" advice's to Silvia, last summer (before local elections) from Belu, to vote in favor of that party. (Of course it's OK that Belu support any party, it's his decision, but it's not OK to ask the girls you must take care of , to vote somebody specific.)

...For those which have asked us (see next days, when our new Forum is back) back then, why Oana didn't attend the show, now you have the answer. Back then, we wanted to protect the girls and not displaying too hard their opposition-side during election , because those bastards from neo-communist party can do a lot of (and did in the past, to the press or opinion leaders) mean to their opponents. But the (retired) girls (both Oana Ban and Silvia Stroescu) have expressed (during elections and not only after-like many do now) their support " for a change in good" -which means in Romania that you vote/support the Opposition.

At the end of the game, the Girls from the Gold Team asked President Basescu to attend gymnastics competition(s). He have promised to do so, if his busy agenda will let him come. BUT...there are NO major gymnastics competitions in Romania, since April, at Ploiesti.But there are (less and less) hopes for B &B to stay until next Olympics or to sign the final contracts. The today article from " Gazeta" (quoting from us) regarding their -bad, but common past years- attitude to the girls was reported (along with the original, uncensored version and 2nd part to appear on our website) didn't helped them much. Before making a fake image for outside, B&B have to change (at once, seems almost impossible) their real attitude, outside...and inside the gym hall (behind closed doors), too.

The place of the Final is a very old hall, which was supposed to be closed two years ago, as being in a great danger in case of any major earthquake (as all national press reported back then). No competition was officially allowed to be held any more , because the whole building is close to go ...down.Trying to get attention from the new President, the leaders of Sport movement in Romania have put on risk the Gold Team and the new President (in this order, in our view, as much as we like/support the new Romanian President, the Gold Team can be considered as " The Romanian First National Treasure" .

The girls were pushed by B&B to "invite" the President coming at non-existing competitions by B&B, which have hoped -in vain, at least this time- to get more attention from the President, who shaken hundreds of hands around, being very popular among young people). Mrs. Bitang looks very " acrã" (unsatisfied) after the game, when answering to reporters about what girls have asked the President. The backcounting is clicking...

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