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 Main coach: Dan Grecu

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   [June 23] Rosu and Eremia received the INMS agreements...whatever

Monica Rosu and Alexandra Eremia received today the INMS agreements for training. Well, not exactly the most correct ones, but kind of. They may be legal, I'm not sure if they are moral or very professional ones.

We get some inside reports back Tuesday which has alerted us that B&B and RGF (after weeks of pressure, both in Romanian media and through private channels) will "arrange" somehow a favorable decision, the one they desperately need to justify their $12000 monthly salary. No team, no pay, so f@k the pain and girls future health, isn't so?To me, it looks like.

How they manage to get it? By arranging "on spot" (discreetly and in a big, big hurry) a more "friendly" commission to review the girls new medical documents. Instead of waiting until Friday- when the regular meeting for a decision was scheduled, they did it "on spot", today, avoiding the presence of Dr.Costeschi, the most important (the only one which seems to stand B&B) protector of girls health (present and long term future).

Buy taking a decision one day in advance, B&B have also avoided the press, last time being photographed by Gazeta Sporturilor inside INMS building, in a very "hot" meeting with some doctors, trying to make them change their minds. Gazeta seems to be, unfortunately, the only sport newspaper there which still have some independent, quality reports.

The B&B "friendly" *doctors* from INMS (probably same ones which should be in jail by now for not taking care of Marinescu, Petrovschi and other 40 gymnast past 10 years only, not to remind their closed eyes on age fraud and strong medical consequences for lifetime to tens of gymnasts which were used in the "faked age Program" gave to B&B , once more what they (desperately) needed.

So desperately, that past weeks, they have threatened - again -some team members (this is still "the B&B Company Policy" around there) that if they want to retire from the team: a) they have to pay back all expenses made with them past months/years-it 's a lie; b) they will not get the deserved ROC monthly income (renta viagera) because B&B and RGF will stand against this - another lie, they can't do this because the law is clear about who gets. Same lies like B&B told to Petrovschi two years ago (according to the Court files and our records). Time is passing, nothing changes, not yet; this is why Cruella made such a good pair with Mengele (only that infamous doctor use to make medical tests and leaving with no water for days some prisoners, starving also, like a coach did tens years later with Marinescu and others).

The most annoying thing in this story is that both officials, local press and even (too many stupid) fans use to say "very good they go back to train, bla bla bla." All these idiots don't even think or say "I'm glad girls are now healthy and can train". You know why? Because they feel/know this is not (most probably) true. Of course, I don't put 1/1000 cents on girls (from team) public (faked) "statements", like "I feel great , I can compete" -the ones which Cruella has heavily "inspired". Those *journalists* which still print such statements does not have any respect for the trees used to make their newspapers, I think.

I may be a (hard) critic of B&B but at least I have to admit they are sincere at one point: B&B never said these days (any days,any girls in fact) something like "we hope girls will go better with their health and could train safely." Instead I've heard tens times, on TV, newspapers about them saying "we need INMS agreements, they have to give, they MUST give, girls have signed waivers" bla, bla ,bla. So, we all have ro recognize at least they are sincere: they didn't bother even to lie and say they give a dam about girls health, they need girls to train no matter what and that's all.

If the "normal", Friday scheduled commission, with same doctors (all of them) which first have had the guts to stand B&B and protect Rosu and Eremia health, would say "OK , they are ready to go back", then I would believe because was something done properly. The way they did it, pushing, threatening around and "fixing" a *friendly* commission, made me very hard to believe this decision it's for good. It's the one they fight for, not the one a honest doctor, with no strings, would take.

I wish both Monica and Alexandra to be healthy and have good training until Worlds and hopefully they -Cata-will get, once more, their medals. God forbid!, if something wrong will happen to them because of these "easy go medical agreements", then B&B should think if they are willing to take the risks. Next time, next trial, those cars may not be enough to close the fire.

...By the way, we received through email, from some romanian gymnastics fans, questions about "how it went with the Munteanu and Nistor medical checks in Germany, after or during Euros, as Bitang (Cruella for us) said back in May."
Come on guys, I hope you don't really believed she was really think about to bring them to Germany, she just say things like this , pretending she will do but she never do. If they will have a paid contest there, maybe, until then...
Thanks for asking, anyway :-). Nice to see you really care. *They*... don't.

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