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?????Beijing 2008 ?
Steliana Nistor
??Sandra Izbasa
Alina Stanculescu
??Loredana Sucar
??Roxana Stan?
??Daniela Druncea
??Elena Chiric*
??Floarea Leonida*
???(*returned for Worlds)
??2007 Seniors:
??Aluissa Lacusteanu
??Andreea Grigore
??Andra Stanescu
??Madalina Gutu
??Ana Maria Tamarjan
??Adriana Tamarjan
??2008 Seniors:
Cerasela Patrascu
??Alexandra Ghita
??Andreea Acatrinei
? Gabriela Dragoi
? coaches:
Nicolae Forminte?(main)
Liliana Cosma
??Catalin Daniel Meran
??Marius Razvan Vintila
??Lucian Sandu
??Raluca Bugner

Marius ?Berbecar
?Adrian Bucur
?Ovidiu Buidoso
?Cosmin Iancu
?Alin Jivan
?Flavius Koczi
?Florin Nebunu
?Bogdan Orzata
?Cosmin Popescu
?Daniel Popescu
?Dan Potra
?Razvan Selariu
?Robert Stanescu

?Andrei Suciu
?main coach Dan Grecu

??Athens 2004 ??
??Catalina Ponor
??Daniela Sofronie
??Monica Rosu
??Alexandra Eremia
??Oana Ban ??
??Silvia Stroescu
??Andreea Munteanu

coach:?Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
?coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

?Romanian Gymnastics Bios
Romanian gymnastics coaches


[April 27] Romanian Gymnastics Team, supporting kidnapped journalists

[April 25] Eremia and Rosu may compete at Euros on their own risk

[April 24] Happy name Birthday, Floarea Leonida!

Maria Olaru about how to become and remain a winner

Daniel Potra and girlfriend Simina have a new home

Ploiesti International Championships 2005-The Complete Results

[April 17] Ploiesti Inter (?)National Champ.; the "Training Camp" edition

[April 16] Nadia Comaneci documentary and interview at Realitatea TV
Nadia Comaneci is the subject of the " Behind the image" program of Romanian Realitatea TV station, to be aired tonight from 20,15 -local time.
The program is a combination between a documentary and a long interview which was made during last week Nadia's trip to Romania. If you are lucky ( I mean real lucky) enough to have their live section of website working, you may see it live, click here for the live program link.

[April 16] Ploiesti Int. Championships-Womens AA competition

[April 15] Ploiesti Int. Championships-Mens AA competition

Oana Ban and Silvia Stroescu getting driving permits and new cars
Oana Ban get her driving permit and wait for her new car- a Fiat Panda, vanilla color, with a full audio system and many other options.

She has also used a new computer program "Sicond", a new Romanian invention (live road caption used to help learning the boring Road Code) to learn the basics. The program was offered to the girls from Romanian gymnastics by the "Doriana" Company. Silvia Stroescu is using it these days, also Andreea Chelaru's mother (which is trying hard to learn the Road Code) was offered the program, too, at our sugestion.

Silvia Stroescu has just started her driving lessons and has ordered for her a Opel Astra Caravanne, the "Moonlight"color, with a stereo system, MP3 and 7 boxes.


[April 14] Ploiesti Int. Champ.: Rosu and Eremia may not compete

[April 13] Ploiesti International Championships : Floarea, the new Star?...

Nadia Comaneci about latest Romanian gymnastics scandals

[April 9] Top Romanian gymnastics champions will meet their fans
Nadia Comaneci will meet today her (many) Romanian fans in Bucharest, at the largest Romanian exposition Center-RomExpo.
Other top Romanian athletes, Olympic champions (likethe athlete Gabi Szabo) will attend the event-the "Sport and leisure Show" in Bucharest (April 7-10).

Photo left: Simona Amanar, Saturday afternoon at Sport Expo

Our Romanian Gymnastics Gallery has been updated-tens of new photos!

[April 8]
Sad Friday: Pope John Paul II will be buried today

"Quote of the Week"
The Romanian gymnastics fans about Belu & Bitang contracts
Regarding the new $5000 contracts of B&B:
"Unfortunately, you can't pay someone to be a better person"
(Goody/ US)
...Will see, Goody if they will (really) change their attitudes (to the girls and their health&life problems); not only for the first month after the scandals, like in the past, but for the next year(s). Still hoping for that, but...

[April 7] Romanian gymnastics team-on "Training by visits" Program
The Romanian gymnastics team has visited today the new opened "Sport and leisure"Exposition in Bucharest. Both Catalina Ponor and coach Mariana Bitang were shown on TVR1 using some of the loss weigh machines exposed for athletes. The team also visited the Izvorani Sport Center (which is also the headquarters of ROC). (Report)

The Romanian Gymnastics Photos & Videos Gallery?is now open!

"Assault on Devil's Island"- to be aired in Romania
[April 6] "Assault on Devil's Island" movie will be aired tommorow (April 7) on the Romanian PRO TV station (20,15 local time.).

[April 6] Romanian gymnastics team, playing nice for reckless idiots

[April 5] Belu and Bitang, to sign new $5000 contracts

[April 4] Top Romanian gymnastics champions will meet their fans

[ April 3]Alexandra Marinescu made her debut as a successful DJ

[April 3] Andreea Raducan, the (sexy) fashion Model

[April 2]?The Pope John Paul II has died

[April 2] Romanian gymnastics team, having fun on April 1st Fools Day

Special April 1st Feature stories

[April 1st]
Dracula's Treasure, buried in Oana Ban countryside garden

[April 1st] Spectacular comeback: Anca Grigoras, a Nadia's teammate

[April 1st] Nadia Comaneci will have three daughters!

[April 1st] Catalina Ponor has received the engagement ring

[April 1st] Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang will (finally) get married

Romanian Gymnastics News Archive.

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