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?????Beijing 2008 ?
Steliana Nistor
??Sandra Izbasa
Alina Stanculescu
??Loredana Sucar
??Roxana Stan?
??Daniela Druncea
??Elena Chiric*
??Floarea Leonida*
???(*returned for Worlds)
??2007 Seniors:
??Aluissa Lacusteanu
??Andreea Grigore
??Andra Stanescu
??Madalina Gutu
??Ana Maria Tamarjan
??Adriana Tamarjan
??2008 Seniors:
Cerasela Patrascu
??Alexandra Ghita
??Andreea Acatrinei
? Gabriela Dragoi
? coaches:
Nicolae Forminte?(main)
Liliana Cosma
??Catalin Daniel Meran
??Marius Razvan Vintila
??Lucian Sandu
??Raluca Bugner

Marius ?Berbecar
?Adrian Bucur
?Ovidiu Buidoso
?Cosmin Iancu
?Alin Jivan
?Flavius Koczi
?Florin Nebunu
?Bogdan Orzata
?Cosmin Popescu
?Daniel Popescu
?Dan Potra
?Razvan Selariu
?Robert Stanescu

?Andrei Suciu
?main coach Dan Grecu

??Athens 2004 ??
??Catalina Ponor
??Daniela Sofronie
??Monica Rosu
??Alexandra Eremia
??Oana Ban ??
??Silvia Stroescu
??Andreea Munteanu

coach:?Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
?coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

?Romanian Gymnastics Bios
Romanian gymnastics coaches


[Dec 1st]
Today is the National Day of Romania
Nadia Comaneci, husband Bart and some of their US friends, including famous actors (like Burt Reynolds receiving some of Nadia's "cooking talents"- a traditional Oriental salad) and other US stars, during a Romanian ProTv special program, (aired at 15,00 local time); also local Telesport station will broadcast a documentary about gymnastics, see our WebGymCalendar

[Nov 30] Happy Name Day Andreea...Chelaru, Raducan
for the interviews, click here...

[Nov 28] Belu want and hope to stay (& work) in Romania
In a statement for Romanian (state) national television TVR1, Octavian Belu said (smiling) that he want to "catch" the new elections, in 2008, still in Romania and to vote in his country, not abroad."Because we still have a lot to do here, at home". This is a direct hint that he (and Mrs.Bitang, which was also present at the interview taken near a voting center earlier today) want to remain the coaches of the Olympic team.

[Nov 28] Belu & Bitang new contract, may be concluded this week
Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang will discuss Tuesday the new contract with the Romanian Olympic Committee. In a statement for Romanian all news channel "Realitatea" aired Sunday afternoon, Belu said that, both him and Mrs. Bitang, does not have special requests from R.O.C. and did not asked for any special financial conditions from them. Previous contract (which have started back in 2002 and ended last month) gave to Mrs. Bitang $1200 and to Mr.Belu $2000/monthly, according to our sources. We expect a slightly increase in these values, for the new contract, due to the good score at Athens Olympics (10 medals for Romanian gymnastics, see detailed medal count here)

Top Gymnasts, Good citizens
Silvia Stroescu voted in Bucharest
[16,25 GMT]?
Silvia Stroescu voted in Bucharest

www.romanian-gymnastics.com: Silvia, glad to hear that you have voted, too!
Silvia: yes, it's our duty as responsible citizens.
Silvia Stroescu about elections, click here...

[Nov 29, 13,30 GMT/ Voting Day]
Oana Ban just voted in Cluj, one hour ago.
Oana Ban about elections, click here...

???Good Luck, Romania!
[Nov 27] Among Romanian gymnasts, Oana Ban (in Cluj), Silvia Stroescu (in Bucharest) and Oana Petrovschi (in Deva) have confirmed, for www.romanian-gymnastics.com, that they will go to (their first) vote tomorrow, Reports expected from Cluj and Bucharest.
Due to all our team (free) support for elections, back in Romania and in US, too (monitoring Romania events for US media) our news coverage will start again Tuesday.

[Nov 27] None of the girls from the Olympic team has the minimum (18 years) age required by local laws to vote tomorrow, Octavian Belu told to romanian-gymnastics this afternoon, during a phone interview. Only the coaches, including Mr.Belu and Mrs.Bitang, will go to vote tomorrow.

[Nov 15] Marius Urzica- (pure) Gold medal from R.O.C.
Romanian gymnast Marius Urzica (in the middle, photo at right) received today a (pure, massive) Gold medal from Romanian Olympic Comiteee, as a reward (and compensation) for his good evolution at pommel horse during Athens Olympics. In the eyes of former President of R.O.C., Mr.Tiriac, Urzica is the true winner of the pommel horse final, and Tiriac made the promise (click for Report) of giving him a real gold medal, Olympics-alike, right after the Athens games.

[Nov 12] Happy Birthday, Nadia!

Nadia in a Romanian TV advertisement, promoting the natural milk consumption, especially for girls/women's (useful for bones structure and preventing some diseases).

Oana Ban,
posing as a Japanese-alike...just before her departure

(see our Gallery)

[Nov 11] Nadia's book "Letter to a young gymnast"- arrived in Romania
The book was translated to Romanian language and can be bought now in Romania from libraries and online (the review in local language can be also seen there).
Foreign readers, who may also need this (Romanian language) edition, or Romanians living abroad, can buy the book from the publishing house website($7.84)
The original English edition, still available on Amazon , where you can see the review and readers opinions, too.

Andreea Chelaru fan mail and new bank details
Some of you have requested us to find Andreea Chelaru address to send her Christmas cards or supporting letters. Here is the address:
Miss Andreea Chelaru
str. Celulozei, bl.5, apt.1, city Zarnesti ,
judetul (county) Brasov, zip code 2223
Romania, Europe

The Romanian banking system have changed all the numbers last month, due to new coming European Union integration. Her new bank account numbers are: Romanian Commercial Bank, Zarnesti Branch (Sucursala Zarnesti). Account owner: Andreea Chelaru
for Romanian currency: RO 09.RNCB. (lei)
for Euros: RO 52 RNCB (Euros)
For US dollars, or any other currency, just use the Euros account number and, upon receiving any foreign currency, a temporary new sub-account will be opened, by bank courtesy.
We also heard that during following days, a Romanian medical commission will take a closer, deeper look at all her medical record and check with foreign colleagues about any possible solution for another (new) operation and ways to fund it, both privately and from State funds. As soon as they can confirm us the results of these actions, will let you know.

[ Nov 09] Tora! Tora! Tora!*
Oana Ban & Silvia Stroescu, going to Japan
The girls will fly tomorrow to Paris (local fans, you may have few hours to try your chances) and then to Japan, to attend a TV show. Despite last few weeks two big earthquaqes, Oana and Silvia didn't want to disappoint theirs local fans by canceling their trip there and keep their promises. This afternoon (local time), both girls made a special photo session for www.romanian-gymnastics.com and also gave short interviews to our staff member Adriana N., the head of our European Office (which left for two days her University studies to meet the girls in Bucharest, thanks) -see nearby photo, Adriana- right-talking with Oana Ban this afternoon.

Oana and Silvia will be special guests of a show on the TBS channel. It's called 'Sasuke'. The competitors have to try and get through 4 stages of games, each stage having a couple of events they have to get through successfully to get to the next one. The first stage has 6 events to clear. Andreea Raducan, also a guest of this show few years ago, failed the second one called 'the rolling log'. She had to hold on to a big log with her arms and legs and then roll down a hill. She couldn't manage to hold on and fell into muddy water.

(Tora! was the Japan army slogan, before attacks, back in 2nd WW; we think that "our" girls will "conquer", once more, the hearts of local fans)

[Nov 07] You and romanian gymnastics-a new Gallery section
We have opened a new gallery section, "You and Romanian Gymnastics", where you can upload (after registering) you fan photos: your drawings with/about Romanian gymnastics, wallpapers, yours photos with you and team members, photos with your room walls decorated with posters of girls, (maybe you in the middle, if you want), you & a gymnastics magazine cover with one of our girls, you wearing one of our "Go for Gold" fan
T-shirts or anything else which may be considered a fan photo. Pending admin approval, these photos will be displayed in our Gallery. Please add some details about your photos, when uploading them.. For our Gallery, click here...

[Nov 06] Updated Silvia address
We have corrected the PO box number for Silvia; fan websites which also use our news, (and already printed the number) pls. make the correction, too. (Many thanks to Silvia's mother, for setting the address and for helping us correcting the mistake).

[Nov 06] Silvia Stroescu new Fan Mail address
You can now write directly to Silvia Stroescu, using this new (fan mail) address:
[update: this address is no longer valid]
Romania, Europe

[Nov 03] Ask a Champion
You have a question for a Gold team member? Use our new section, "Ask a Champion", and we may help, as we did in the past when we have used your questions for Oana Ban & Silvia Stroescu (posted back then into our forum). Most interesting questions and answers will be published monthly or included into our future interviews. To send us a question, click here

[Nov 03] Romanian Gymnastics Newsletter
We invite you now to subscribe to our (Free) Romanian Gymnastics Newsletter, which may help you get in touch with latest news from Romanian gymnastics. Latest news, important site updates and many more, only in our Newsletter. Please check yours registered email for the activation message (including your Junk mail folder) , you need to confirm yours registration by visiting the link. To subscribe, click here.

[Nov 02] New Gallery launched
You can now see more photos, with Andreea "working"on the farm, in our new photo Gallery , click here

[Nov 01] Oana Ban now have a fan mail address
You can now write directly to Oana Ban, using this new (fan mail) address:
Miss Oana Ban
P.O.Box 78, Post Office NR 13
Cluj Napoca city
judetul Cluj (county)
zip 40 0632
Romania, Europe
We suggest you may include a self addressed envelope and a stamped voucher (coupon) if you want to ask for an autograph or hope for a (short) reply. We can not guarantee anything, she have to go to University and have a busy schedule. Her older sister Andreea will help and assist her in sorting the mail. Good luck!

[Nov 01] Andreea Raducan at farm, in a (funny) Tv show

As you may already know from our WebGymCalendar, this evening in Romania was aired a weekly (funny) TV show, "Come Mother and see me". (Report...)

[Oct 30, GMT 22,30] Exclusive!-exclusive!

Halloween Special: Midnight (Romanian time) exclusive Predictions
Kerry win the U.S.elections, Basescu (opposition candidate) win Presidency in Romania, Catalina Ponor and Monica Rosu will retire next year, coach Belu retire from Deva too, Oana Ban will have a fiancee by next April and Andreea Raducan will get engaged next year. Romanian team will get the Gold in Beijing and also the largest medals number ever...(Report)
Visit our Forum and vote for the scariest (gymnastics) Halloween mask (choose between Karoly, Goreac, Belu, Mariana...)

Silvia Stroescu at home
Our previous made interview with Silvia was updated with some exclusive photos, taken Sunday afternoon, at her Bucharest residence.
(click for photos)

Silvia Stroescu, first interview-at-large
RG.com: Ready for going to University?...
Silvia: yes, tomorrow (sept 29) will go at both Universities to check my schedule.
RG.com: both?
Silvia: Yes, I am a student at National Sport Academy and also at "Spiru Haret" University (the largest Romanian private university), where I will study psychology.
RG.com: And, you want to become a...? (click for interview)

Oana Ban interview, 2nd part...
R.G: What kind of music you like?
Oana: dance, house, generally speaking, music which is high rhythmic.
R.G: your first coach, Mrs.Rodica Campeanu, let you train almost yourself? (because she trust you?)
Oana: Sometime, she let me see myself the training plan, and let me do all the work in my own peace....(click here for more)

Exclusive! Oana Ban, first interview-at-large ...
...Just few days ago, Oana parents went to Deva to bring Oana some clothes for the cold season. Some rainy, cold days make them think the cold season may come sooner than expected and Deva city is nearby a mountain region, which make the medium temperatures being lower than most of the country. To their surprise, Oana said to her coaches and parents that she want to quit gymnastics!...(click for interview)

Romanian Gymnastics News Archive.

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