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Beijing 2008
Steliana Nistor
Sandra Izbasa
Alina Stanculescu
Roxana Stan
Daniela Druncea

Elena Chiric
Floarea Leonida

2007 Seniors:
Aluissa Lacusteanu
Andreea Grigore
Andra Stanescu
Madalina Gutu
Ana Maria Tamarjan
Adriana Tamarjan

2008 Seniors:
Cerasela Patrascu
Alexandra Ghita
Andreea Acatrinei
Gabriela Dragoi

Nicolae Forminte(main)
Liliana Cosma
Daniel Meran
Marius Vintila
Lucian Sandu
Raluca Bugner

Marius Berbecar
Adrian Bucur
Ovidiu Buidoso

Cosmin Iancu
Alin Jivan
Flavius Koczi
Florin Nebunu
Bogdan Orzata
Cosmin Popescu
Daniel Popescu
Dan Potra
Robert Stanescu
Andrei Suciu
main coach Dan Grecu

Athens 2004
Catalina Ponor
Daniela Sofronie
Monica Rosu
Alexandra Eremia
Oana Ban
Silvia Stroescu
Andreea Munteanu
Main coach:Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

Marius Urzica
Maria Dragulescu
Ioann Suciu
Dan Potra
Razvan Selariu
Daniel Popescu

Main coach: Dan Grecu

Romanian Gymnastics Bios
Romanian gymnastics coaches

Octavian Belu

Real name: Octavian Bellu (B-e-l-l-u)
(his real name was announced only after he was named Presidential Counselor, in 2006; he said he don't mind when people call him just Belu)

: Belu

Date of Birth:Feb 17,
Place of Birth
:Bucharest, ROM


Marital Status:Divorced
:one daughter, Iolanda (model)
Profession:National Coach

Start discipline:
Nat.team since:1981
:Deva Schol of Gymnastics

Belu profile (FIG data):

Octavian Belu has been the coach of the Romanian Women's Team since the defection of Bela Karolyi for political reason in 1981.

Belu took over a program that most experts considered would falter after the loss of Karolyi, and not only continued its outstanding success, but improved upon it. As a result he has become the most successful gymnastics coach in the world (15 Olympics Gold Medals), training the numerous world champions and leading the prestigious Romanian team to victory. His dedication and commitment to excellence have ment the key to success for Romanian gymnastics.

Belu started out in gymnastics as an athlete. He also payed volleyball and basketball and took up diving. A mediocre gymnast by his own admission, he was all the more driven to study the technical aspects of the sport, methodology and training. In 1974, he graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Institue in Bucharest. He worked for a time as a teacher of Physical Education at Valea Clugareasca before returning in Ploiesti where he began coaching gymnastics.

Hi was married to Camelia, who is a nurse and has one daughter Iolanda, born in 1978. Romanian press wrote about their undiclosed divorce, back in 2000.

[www.romanian-gymnastics.com: Supposed to have a 12 years-long, romantic (spreading flowers from airplane, on "her" birthday included) affair with Mrs.Bitang-which is currently separated from her husband]

Considering the champions he trained, Belu think that each generation of gymnasts seems to have two champions:
Nadia Comaneci - Teodora Ungureanun;
Ecaterina Szabo - Lavinia Agache;
Daniela Silivas - Cristina Bontas;
Lavinia Milosovici - Gina Gogean - Simona Amanar.

In Athens in last August, Octavian Belu was blissfully delighted when Catalina Ponor took three times the gold medal and overall, when he drove the womens team to a new victory. (By Philippe Silacci-FIG)

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