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?????Beijing 2008 ?
Steliana Nistor
??Sandra Izbasa
Alina Stanculescu
??Loredana Sucar
??Roxana Stan?
??Daniela Druncea
??Elena Chiric*
??Floarea Leonida*
???(*returned for Worlds)
??2007 Seniors:
??Aluissa Lacusteanu
??Andreea Grigore
??Andra Stanescu
??Madalina Gutu
??Ana Maria Tamarjan
??Adriana Tamarjan
??2008 Seniors:
Cerasela Patrascu
??Alexandra Ghita
??Andreea Acatrinei
? Gabriela Dragoi
? coaches:
Nicolae Forminte?(main)
Liliana Cosma
??Catalin Daniel Meran
??Marius Razvan Vintila
??Lucian Sandu
??Raluca Bugner

Marius ?Berbecar
?Adrian Bucur
?Ovidiu Buidoso
?Cosmin Iancu
?Alin Jivan
?Flavius Koczi
?Florin Nebunu
?Bogdan Orzata
?Cosmin Popescu
?Daniel Popescu
?Dan Potra
?Razvan Selariu
?Robert Stanescu

?Andrei Suciu
?main coach Dan Grecu

??Athens 2004 ??
??Catalina Ponor
??Daniela Sofronie
??Monica Rosu
??Alexandra Eremia
??Oana Ban ??
??Silvia Stroescu
??Andreea Munteanu

coach:?Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
?coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

?Romanian Gymnastics Bios
Romanian gymnastics coaches


Catalina Ponor (left) and Monica Rosu (right), along with all their teammates, wish you a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!


New Year in Times Square(click here)

[Dec 31/ 21.30GMT] New Year fireworks, live next 30 min, here:
Bucharest- National Theatre
Bucharest Unirea Square
Bucharest: Izvor
Iasi : Unirea square
Brasov: view from Timpa
Sky Brasov: Pirtia Bradu
Black Sea: Jupiter Beach
Cluj: Avram Iancu Square

[ Dec 31] "Bring it on"-aired in Romania
Romanian TV station ProTv aired today at 2p.m. -they will reply tonight on January 1st, at 5,30 a.m.- the "Bring it On movie" (translated there as "Cheerleaders". (

[Dec 25] Gymnastics Stars will now have "their own" Stars
New York & Bucharest. Romanian Gymnastics Gold Team members will have a nice surprise coming from Santa Claus, early morning: each member of Athens Gold Team was assigned a Star, which will carry on the name of "her" Champion. In behalf of their fans, of all those who were both impressed and happy of their Olympics success, www.romanian-gymnastics.com have "advised" Santa Claus to provide this unique, lifetime gift, to the girls. We all know and said before they are the Stars, but now...it's official! (click for details)

[Dec 24] Santa will have a special gift for The Gold Team...
...and we shall let you know more about it here, as soon as we can- after 2 a.m. GMT, Dec 25 (according to local time when Santa have to "deliver" it, and Romanian tradition).

[Dec 23] Nadia in Times Square for the New Year celebration
Nadia Comaneci, the Legend of Gymnastics, will attend the giant New Year Celebration in Times Square, New York. Along with Nadia Comaneci, husband Bart Connor, athletes Ian Thorpe, Gao Min, Felix Sanchez, former soccer players Pele and George Weah. They support the New York City for Olympics in 2012 (final decision to be made in July 2005. Go NY!

[Dec 22] updated photos from Monica Show with Silvia Stroescu

[Dec 22] Best Romania's Gymnasts-2004
Romanian Gymnastics Federation have announced today the
Romania's Best Gymnasts-2004
Women Artistic Gymnastics:
1. Catalina Ponor (CSS 1 Farul Constanta)
2. Monica Rosu (SC Bacau)
3. Daniela Sofronie (CSS 1 Farul Constanta)
4. Alexandra Eremia (CSS 3 Steaua Bucuresti)
5. Silvia Stroescu (CSS 3 Steaua Bucuresti)
6. Oana Ban (CSS Cetate Deva)... ??????(click for the list...)

[Dec 22/GMT 14,00] Belu & Bitang, coaches for 2008 Olympics
???Officials from Romanian Gymnastics Federation have confirmed for us that after today meeting between officials of Romanian Olympic Committee, Romanian Gymnastics Federation and coaches Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang, the final decision was to have an agreement with B & B for next four years.
?? The R.O.C. will sign contracts with coaches and also (for the first time) with the girls from the (new) Olympic team. No contracts were signed today, but the today meeting and decisions are considered as final ones. After the Christmas and New Year holiday, the documents will be signed in early January.

[Dec 22, 1989-2004]
Today is a special day for all Romanians. Back in 1989, during the bloodiest East European Revolution, the strongest dictatorship in Europe was broken into pieces. More than 1200 people died back then, most of them young, very young , the country still fight today (in politics, this time) against last communists and their bad influence over the country.
"Gazeta Sporturilor" daily (the printed edition) will have today a special coverage regarding Romanian famous athlete's and who they were back in 1989. Of course that present gymnasts were back then as little as 3...5 years, so their photos looks very cute and, most of them, non-related to gymnastics. We have backed the "Gazeta" idea with some of our archive photos of present gymnast (from our 30, 000 images collection). For our site visitors (most of our 27,000 unique visitors coming from US), we shall include some of the photos here, later today.

[Dec 22] Silvia Stroescu at "Monica"show of Prima Tv
Silvia Stroescu is the special guest today, 7 p.m., at a (previously recorded) sho named "Monica", at Prima TV - a Romanian national television.
The today show theme is the Christmas and charity. During the show, Silvia Stroescu has donated an (important) amount of money for the disabled children.(click for photos...)

[Dec 21] Silvia Stroescu and Alexandra, at "Steaua" Club Christmas show
Athens Olympic Champions Silvia Stroescu and Alexandra Eremia were today afternoon the special guests of their former Club "Steaua", which have invited them to assist at their Annual Christmas Show.They have received small presents from the Club (jackets and...candies, according to Romanian Christmas traditions) and meet their former colleagues, their former Club coach and also took a lot of pictures with the juniors from their club which were delighted to be nearby two great champions.Photo: left- Silvia Stroescu, at right Alexandra Eremia; in the middle, (maybe) a future gym champion and...his mother.

[Dec 21] Catalina Ponor, best Athlete of "Farul" Club
Catalina Ponor
, Athens Olympic champion and leader of Romanian Olympic Golden Team, was named today, by her hometown club "Farul Constanta", as "The Best Athlete of The Year".

[Dec 21]Oana Ban has signed a management contract
/ Mediafax agency : Former Athens Olympic champion Oana Ban is the first Romanian gymnast which have signed a management contract with a worldwide company to represent her.
[Our note: regarding the Internet image rights, www.romanian-gymnastics.com will launch later this month Oana's online gift/souvenirs shop, now being in the test mode].

Oana Ban, first driving lesson...and her first "paparazzi" photos

Oana Ban took her first driving lesson this afternoon (Cluj local time is seven hours ahead of East Coast).

Photo right: at 4,30 p.m. local time, Oana have started her first driving lesson

She was very anxious to have her first lesson and past few days she spend a lot of time learning about basic rules and the law regarding this. (Report)

[Dec19/GMT15,00] Antena 1 in Romania, celebrating the Gold Team
Few minutes ago the girls (Alexandra Eremia, Monica Rosu, Silvia Stroescu and Daniela Sofronie) have left the Antena 1 TV station in Bucharest, where they were the Special Guests of a Romanian All Stars show.

(part of) The team, at Antena 1 Tv, Sunday 19

[Dec18] Oana Ban, the Best Athlete of the Year in Cluj
Oana Ban was chosen the best athlete from Cluj county and from Transylvania region, for 2004 , by Radio Cluj.This morning she has attended a ceremony in Cluj where she get a Diploma and a plaque from Radio Cluj.
??Oana Ban has said at ceremony that she is grateful to the people of Cluj (her hometown) for their nice welcome after Olympics, for the love they showed to her past months, for their support during Athens Olympics (Oana's parents received thousands of messages, phone calls or simply greetings from people in the street which know them). Oana Ban is still (and will be) connected with gym, few days ago she paid her regular visit at Cluj gym club, where one of her best friend works. Oana Ban likes to be around those little kids making their first step(s) in gymnastics and her presence is a great encouragement for them, too. When you know that you have such a friendly Olympic champion nearby to help/ encourage you, progress is coming faster. (Live webcam from Cluj)

[Dec 17] Watch out:-)) Oana Ban on the road....
Oana Ban have registered for card driving lessons and will start her lessons Monday. The Romanian National Car Club have offered to her a free course and they welcomed her, promising that their instructor will do the best to make her a good driver, starting by assigning her one of their best teachers and a compact car "Matiz" (of local Chevrolet factory), which suit her tiny sizes better and will make the process of drive learning easier. During a phone interview for www.romanian-gymnastics.com, Oana told that she hope to get as many lessons as possible, before the (announced) snow will come next weeks. She would like to have a car before the summer, but first she need to pass the exam for the driving license.

[Dec 17] Christmas and New Year Holiday for Olympic Team
The girls from Olympic Team are on holiday since today, until first week of January, when a decision about the new coaches is expected from RGF.
Today was released a (very) limited edition of ARDAF 2005 Calendar, (not for sale, but to be given as a Christmas gift, to-lucky-ARDAF and RGF partners) featuring the Olympic Gymnastics Team. Some of the photos are those previously posted into our ?Gallery. Happy Christmas and New Year, girls!

[Dec 16] Olympic Golden Team take swimming lessons...
Romanian Olympic Team was invited today by Camelia Potec, another Athens medalist, to join her at training and take some swimming lessons from her. Camelia, which was considered one of the most beautiful Athens competitors, teaches Catalina Ponor, Alexandra Eremia, Andreea Munteanu and the other girls, how to swim "in a champion way". Especially Catalina Ponor was advised how to take a start in a swimming race.
? Catalina Ponor said she enjoy swimming and is not something very difficult at first glance. Back to the girls training center, swimmer Camelia Potec was invited to try the balance beam, which almost scared her (at 1.90 m, it's even more difficult) but finally Catalina Ponor went on bb, showed her like "it's a piece of cake" ("yeah...for you-replied Camelia) and even kept Camelia hand to keep her balance. At the end, girls tried to make some easy exercises at boys bar, but Catalina Ponor concluded, with all the girls laughing, that the Olympic swimming champion "doesn't have any chance"in gymnastics...Some excerpts of this funny training was aired this evening by ProTv station and tomorrow you may have a chance to see a resume on TVR1.

[Dec 15] Silvia Stroescu & Alexandra Eremia, top stars at "Steaua" Club
Silvia Stroescu and Alexandra Eremia took part today at the Annual Award ceremony at her former club. "Steaua Club" is one of the oldest and biggest Romanian Sport Club, being owned by the Romanian Army Forces, even if it has now mostly civilians who perform for it.Silvia Stroescu, Alexandra Eremia (and their former Club coaches) have received the highest honors from the Club- medals, diplomas, flowers, an Olympus digital photo camera, Nike equipment and she was told that also a money reward for Athens Club's athletes will be coming next days-each athlete can get a money reward from his Club, as much as 50% from what she got from State after Athens. In Silvia Stroescu and Alexandra Eremia cases, this mean up to 25 000 Euros -maximum, there is no minimum, it depends on each Club financial situation. For Catalina Ponor, her hometown club "Farul", told to her parents they can't afford for the moment to pay the (unexpected) top prize allowed by the law, like up to 75 000 Euros (half from what the State have given to her).

[Dec14] Catalina Ponor and her coaches at Prosport Awards
The readers of Romanian"Prosport" newspaper have voted for Catalina Ponor (the best Romanian athlete of the Year) and Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang (best coaches). This evening the Gala of Romanian Sport Press Association will announce few more awards for Romanian gymnastics. The event will be aired (recorded) tomorrow on National TV, see our WebGymCalendar .

[Dec 13] Dec 13-Lucky(est) Day for Romania?
Bucharest, Romania. Official results, released today, confirm yesterday night predictions-Opposition candidate won the elections in Romania. Romania wins, once more, over the US.This time not in gymnastics, but in the day to day life. The "clever"part of Romania population have succeeded to remove any chance for the (neo)communist President candidate Adrian Nastase, formerly backed up by (who else?...) Bush himself, during a meeting in August.Yeah, another reason for jealousy from American young people, (which couldn't change Bush this year) against Romania.... But we do appreciate their sorry (click here) for the (stupid) Bush election. Now, we are happy about our elections, which proved, once more, that some time life is full of (good) surprises.Well done, Romania, 10+ for you!Especially for the top former gymnasts, Oana Ban, Silvia Stroescu, Oana Petrovschi, Sabina Cojocar and many, many others which have voted for a change (for good) in their country.

????Good Luck, Romania!
It didn't happen in US, but in Romania...
[Dec 12; 22,30 local time-20,30 GMT]
Opposition candidate won Presidential Elections in Romania

Insiders have predicted this few days ago. We have asked Silvia Stroescu to pose for us as a winner, the V-sign being a tradition for Romanian Opposition, which have had the longest and strongest fight with (neo)communism in Eastern Europe.
Silvia Stroescu ,part of the Romanian young generation, a generation who voted-according to official statistics-the Opposition candidate..

[ Dec 12] World Cup finals-Men's results
Men's Vault-Dragulescu Marian 6th place;
Men's Parrales Bars-Urzica Marius- 3rd place

[Dec 12] World Cup finals-Women's results
Catalina Ponor- 2nd on floor, 1st at balance Beam, Eremia 3rd on balnce beam...(results here)

[Dec 12] The girls voted again for the new President
Today Romanians have to go again for voting their new president (first round didn't get a clear score for any of candidates).

Earlier today, both Silvia Stroescu in Bucharest and Oana Ban in Cluj went to vote (during our phone call Oana was in a cafe-bar with another girl to comment today news about voting).

Sabina Cojocar, along with a girl which is one of her best friends, have visited Sabina's grandma this morning ...(click for Report)

[Dec 11] Romanians over...Romanians
Monica Rosu-Silver at World Cup in Birmingham

Monica Rosu won Silver at vault (small step at landing) at World Cup in Birmingham. American Alicia Sacramone, having as coaches two former Romanians coaches (Beresteanu), won the Gold.
( World Cup women results, click here)

Urzica Marius ended second on pommel horse, followed by Suciu Ioan
(for World Cup Men results, click here)

[ Dec11] Birmingham World Cup at TVR2 (in Romania)
Tonight Romanian gymnastics fans may see a daily summary recorded, on TVR2. Tomorrow, a live broadcast from final. For details, check our ?WebGymCalendar.

[ Dec 10] Exclusive! Photos from Ardaf commercial video shooting
Update on our ARDAF commercial Report with the Olympic team with more, exclusive photos, taken during the video shooting, click here

[Dec 9] Oana Ban, special guest at TVR2
For almost an hour, Romanian national TVR2 station (state television) have had Oana Ban as special guest, at their regional Cluj (Oana's hometown) studio. Oana Ban was escorted by her father and spoke about her career as gymnast and her future projects- to finish her studies and work as a coach/sport teacher. She said she likes children and hope to have one day a student to become a champion as she was herself. The most interesting part was that Oana Ban did not firmly said she has definitely retired from gymnastics, when the reporter asked her "and let us know when you will retire from gym"-Oana did not replied that she did this already for good. Maybe Oana Ban still think or hope there is a (slight) chance to come back next year, helping the team at World Championships. Or maybe she still try to accommodate herself with the thought she is no longer in the team. Anyway, from the live phone calls during the show, people from around the country (still) likes/loves her and everybody wanted to thanks her for what she did for the team. Oana Banwas obvious thrilled too see how much people respect and express their gratitude during their phone calls at TV station.

[Dec 8] Octavian Belu has more than 30 offers...
In a short interview for the Romanian National television, Belu said that he already has more than "30 job offers" but he do not want to be more specific because "this would mean that I would do a thing I never did "(pushing RGF with his other offers). Octavian Belu said that "there is no magic stick to touch a girl and become a champion overnight, I can't assume a four years contract without having a deep knowledge of the future team-and this would be the case in a year or so."

[Dec 7] Andreea Raducan, "Best debut in TV journalism"
"TV Mania", the most important Romanian TV guide, have awarded to Andreea Raducan, their Annual Trophy for "Best debut in TV journalism". The TV guide awards are the most important in Romanian TV, being offered based exclusively on votes from the magazine readers. Andreea said in an interview for www.romanian-gymnastics.com after the ceremony that she enjoyed her Olympics anchor experience and she may think about doing again in future. She will go to Germany at friends for coming Christmas. Photo: courtesy TV Mania

A good joke, always welcomed...
Our recently included Romanian Anthem page was welcomed by many Romanian gymnastics fans. Among their comments, this one is on top of our list: "...(Romanian anthem)-"The American women's gymnastics team knows all the words by now"-coming from this website.

[Dec 6] Gifts from St. Nicholas
According to Romanian tradition, children receive gifts on the night of St.Nicholas. Parents leave the gifts (usually sweets, clothing, toys) in their shoes, specially prepared for this night. In the morning, children check to tee if they get any. Those who did not obey to their parents, usually receive a small stick-which is supposed to be used to punish the bad children.
At the Olympic team, all girls have received cosmetics, tropical fruits and (just small ones, there is a contest in few days...) milk chocolates. Oana Ban have received candies from her sisters (she knows best...), cosmetics from her parents and .a nice pair of winter boots from...herself.She saw them few days ago and she present herself last Saturday. Sabina Cojocar have received a little bear from her father.Back in Bucharest, Silvia Stroescu gave us the longest list: chocolates ("Primola"-Romanian made, her favorites at the moment) from her brother, a pair of jeans from her father and some leather boots from her mother.

[Dec 6] Happy Name Birthday to Daniele Sofronie!
Today is the "Name Birthday"of Nicoleta Daniela Sofronie. According to Romanian Orthodox traditions (most Romanians, like 80%, are Orthodox, but this Saint is the same for other religions like Catholics, too), if a child is born on some specific days, days which are "protected" by some "dedicated" Saints (included in the official Church calendar), those children have one of their names given after the name of that Saint (Saint Nicholas / Nicolae= Nicoleta for girls). For the children which are born in a day when there is no "Official Saint" in the Calendar, the parents can change a second name, a Saint-alike one, at their free choose. This way, a child can have the "Born Birthday"-the day it was born and a second Birthday -which often is more important and better celebrated, the day of his "spiritual Saint". The "Nicolae" Angel of Sofronie is one of the most important Saints from Calendar.

[Dec 5] Belu's new contract: don't hope much about....
r-g.com: Hello, Mr.Belu, (ex)coach of Romanian Olympic Team?
Belu: Yes, that's me.
r-g.com: (Just kidding, too stupid to believe but who knows...).We supposed to talk next week about your future plans, but things seems to change so fast?...We get reports from Bucharest about TV's statements from RGF which does not sound too nice or good for your future at Deva. At least, we need yours confirmation about your "resignation" about which everybody already talk...(click for interview)

[updated Dec 5] Ardaf commercial-updated TV screenshots
Since we have heard about some (completely wrong) description of this commercial, will try again to explain, maybe this time will be understood by some who pretend to know a lot about anything (but they can't understand even a TV commercial aired on their TV's): is NOT the gymnasts which...(click for update)

Oana Ban and Silvia Stroescu voting, in "Gazeta Sporturilor"

"Gazeta Sporturilor", the Romanian oldest sport newspaper, printed (having our prior agreement and support) the photo from Cluj with Oana Ban voting and a small news about Oana and Silvia Stroescu voting.We can only hope that this good example as responsible citizens, showed by these two young champions, will be useful for Romanian young readers of "Gazeta" and make them go to vote on December 12 (elections for new President).

Belu about his new contract:

"The new contract can be concluded as late as end of January..."

[Dec 4] Silvia Stroescu article & photos in " Cotidianul " newspaper
Bucharest newspaper "Cotidianul" have printed today (with our prior permission and support) a full Sport page with our Exclusive interview and some of the photos with Silvia Stroescu.
To see their version, click here and look for Silvia Stroescu photo with the dolls. No need for translation, our full length, original version, is here. Only the printed edition contain more photos.
(click on photo left, to see the printed page enlarged)

Romanian webcams
Live from Romania!-webcams
Bucharest live: National Theatre
Bucharest live : Unirea Square
Bucharest live: Izvor Bridge and Dimbovita river
Iasi (Moldavia) live: Unirea square
Brasov (mountain resort) live : view from Timpa
Sky at Poiana Brasov: Pirtia Bradu
Black Sea Coast: Jupiter Beach
Cluj (Oana Ban homecity!) live: Avram Iancu Square

Romanian Anthem
...For those of you which liked during Olympics ceremonies and have asked us to help them listen the Romanian Anthem, click here.

"The Fan Letter of the Month"
We have asked Oana Ban, Silvia Stroescu and Andreea Chelaru to let us publish small parts (no personal related things, just a small paragraph) from the most interesting letter they receive from their fans. If your letter is considered by them the most interesting, we shall provide you an autographed minisposter or a Calendar...(click for details)

[Dec 3/ GMT 17,00] Monica Zahiu selling her medals...
Monica Zahiu and Maria Olaru were the guests of "Kensky Show" , aired by Romanian Prima TV station two hours ago. Monica received from a famous (Constanta based) senator,?Dorel Onaca, through the Prima TV station, the amount of $1,000 , as a special incentive, to help her change her minds and not selling her medals... (click for Report)

[Dec 2nd] Insurance policies, to be enforced for Romanian Gym Clubs
Sources from Romanian Gymnastics Federation have confirmed to us that effective January 1st, 2005 , no single gymnast from clubs around the country will be allowed to compete in any national event, if the copy of the full insurance policy will not be on file, at the RGF headquarters in Bucharest. Past years, RGF have asked, many times, local gymnastics clubs to provide some kind of insurance to all gymnasts...(click for Report)

[Dec 1st] First TV commercial with the Olympic Team, for ARDAF
Romanian TV stations have started to broadcast the first commercial made with the Olympic Team, in the benefit of RGF sponsor, insurance company "ARDAF" -which recently have donated a new minibus for the team and have awarded coaches Belu and Bitang with brand new Toyota cars.The commercial was filmed (during the night, to get the black background effect) at former "23 August" Olympic complex (the Bucharest gym hall used by the team) and feature Catalina, Alexandra and Monica working at beam and uneven bars.They wear white costumes with the name of their new sponsor.(click for photos)

[Dec 1st] Today is the National Day of Romania
Nadia Comaneci, husband Bart and some of their US friends, including famous actors (like Burt Reynolds receiving some of Nadia's "cooking talents"- a traditional Oriental salad) and other US stars, during a Romanian ProTv special program, (aired at 15,00 local time); also local Telesport station will broadcast a documentary about gymnastics, see our WebGymCalendar
If you want to listen the Romanian National Anthem, click here

Romanian Gymnastics News Archive.

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