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???Former Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci launched musical album

[June 3] BUCHAREST, Romania--Romanian former gymnast and sport's legend Nadia Comaneci has launched her first song, on the CD "Music Box nr.6", at Bucharest, Saturday evening.

Album "Musical Box nr.6" cover


? Surrounded by a crowd of hundreds local children and tens Romanian young gymnast form Nadia's first gymnastics club, CSS Onesti, Nadia performed a song featured on the CD "Musical Box nr.6". Top Romanian stars from show biz and famous TV anchors recorded for this album, too.

Nadia Comaneci and son Dylan

(click here to enlage)

????Former Romanian gymnasts Andreea Raducan and Catalina Ponor attended the album launch on children's Day in Herastrau Park, North Bucharest.

????Proud Mom Nadia Comaneci showed to Andreea Raducan (see above photo Gallery) how little Dylan is already doing some gymnastics twists. The little "Perfect 10" Dylan seems to have inherited his Mom's gymnastics talent but he also (already) broke some girls hearts, too :-)) -see above photos.

??? The little girls from gymnastics clubs which performed in the show were delighted to see closer the little blonde angel.

Young gymnasts from Bucharest and Onesti gymnastics clubs made a gym show on Nadia's music.

???"Nadia looks great on TV or photos, but she's really beautiful and a very pleasant person if you met her in person. She has so much energy: on a hot summer day, she managed to answer to all her fan's requests for autographs and photos; and she never stop smiling and answering polite to everybody. In the end, after two hours, being a former top athletes myself I was tired... for looking only, can't imagine where from Nadia get so much energy?" -says Ramona N.Williams, video news editor for www.romanian-gymnastics.com.

??? Nadia Comaneci is on a tour in native Romania, mostly to (proudly) present her one year old sun Dylan to the family and loving Romanians. With Nadia working hard during an almost two hours of an autographs session, little Dylan was the main focus point for local VIP's and top Romanian gymnasts around: Andreea Raducan and Catalina Ponor. Nadia's husband, former US gymnast and Olympic champion Bart Conner, was busy to record on video each step and gesture of the little "Prince"- as Dylan was named by the Romanian friends of Nadia.

???? Nadia Comaneci and husband Bart Conner also celebrated Friday evening the ritual of hair cutting of their son Dylan, in a Bucharest top restaurant. Next few days Nadia Comaneci and husband Bart will make a trip to Nadia's home village Onesti, to introduce their baby Dylan to Nadia's father, Stefan Comaneci.

???? Nadia's parents got divorced long time ago, with her (remarried) father still living in same apartment in Onesti and her mother living in Bucharest with her fiancee. Her parents have a good relationship, Nadia's mother being close friend to her former husband new wife.

?News videos: Nadia Comaneci launch her musical album

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