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[Feb 27] Lavinia Milosovici's Japan nude photos-an inside story

Romanian "Star"magazine run a story (and two of the famous topless pictures with Milo) and an interview with Bucharest lawyer Cristian Sirbu, about his knowledge on some famous VIP's trials or scandals; he is supposed to be the lawyer in those cases or having a deeper knowledge about what really have happened.

Sirbu said that "the gymnasts have agreed to pose in their official national gym costumes (the main thing which have caused an official incident between gymnasts and RGF, but also between RGF and the Japanese Federation), because the Japanese people would not understand that in those photos are the World Champions of Romania (and Olympic, too-our note) , if they didn't were the costumes with the national colors on them. The problem was that in the contract this detail was mentioned, but the contract was in Japanese language and the girls didn't know exactly in advance what they have to do."

Everything was fine during first shooting of the video and photos in Japan, until the moment when the girls (Lavinia Milosovici, Corina Ungureanu and Claudia Presecan) were asked to wear their official gym costumes. "Initially, the girls have refused to do so, but the Japanese have told them that they don't pay them anything and they will suit them because they break the contract."

The lawyer opinion on (Romanian) stars (music, sport ) is that "they sign contracts with closed eyes, and this is the main reason why they come to me in the end -to protect them legally and to repair as much as possible the damages.

The "Star"magazine title on the gymnasts story is "The gymnasts who get undressed for Japanese's were paid 15% less than what the press have reported".

...Even less, we were told.

In the "Petrovschi against RGF + B&B" suit, Milosovici was named as one of the B&B witnesses; she may apaper to speak in favor of them, if the suit will not end during next March 10 deadline.

Milosovici was heavily criticized back then , both in Romania and Japan, for her gesture to pose in a gym costumes, inside a gym hall, for a porn book&vide publishing house. She and her photo session colleagues get, back then, a five years ban from all official gym competition or gymnastics-related activity. The RGF President Vieru was one of their hardest critics.Time have passed and now Milosovici seems to have a good (improved) relation with her former coaches B&B, with them visiting her when she was in a Bucharest hospital for some medical tests of her new born baby, few months ago.

For those (quite a few, we may guess) which does now know many details of the "Milosovici-Ungureanu-Presecan porn photos scandal", here is the official description of those videos (there is also a photo album for sale in Japan, on the same "subject"):

1. Gold Bird
Price: $50.00
Product type: DVD (zoned for ALL countries)

Three former Romanian gold medalists, Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presacan, and Corina Ungureanu, with the skill and beauty that only comes with being at the top of the game, go nude for the first time ever in this Japanese DVD title by V and R International.
Dressed in a series of different outfits ranging from training outfits and cosplay to lingerie, to just panties, they go through their medal-winning performances, tumbling, flipping, floor exercises, the balance beam and much more. Billed like an actual event there are cheers, commentators, and plenty of replays so ever move of the girls can be caught. Professional, sexy, erotic and extremely interesting. These girls have beautiful bodies and a flexibility that is unparalleled due to their years of training. This is a world exclusive. World class. Includes a behind the scenes look at preparation as well as the girls dressed in Japanese yukata enjoying a meal at a ryokan (Japanese-style hotel). To top it off, it has some excellent "Engrish" on the cover. Also great for fans of Russian girls!

2.Euro Angels
Price: $50.00
Product type: DVD (zoned for ALL countries)

In Euro Angels, the three fantastic Romanian gymnasts from Gold Bird, do an image title that includes semi-nude (in see-thru gowns) and nude dancing, showering and bathing, posing, practicing and more.
This is a companion title to to the overwhelmingly popular first DVD. Includes a bevy of other featuring like the making of, and NG (no-good or mistake) scenes.

Cute and funny at times, sexy and erotic throughout. It is fantasy and imagery taken to the high form of art. 100 minutes.

The poster of the albums says:"The gymnasts of the representative of Romania who was at the top in the world in the beauty and skill. The clear white skin like the angel dances splendidly."


Lavinia Milosovici medals:
Olympics: 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
World Championships: 5 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze
European Championships: 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze


Ex-Romanian Gymnasts Bare All Yet Again

Associated Press TOKYO - Three former Romanian gymnasts who have been heavily criticized for appearing nude in a DVD film and photographs in Japan bared all yet again in a Japanese news magazine.

The photos, published in the latest issue of the Shukan Gendai, show Lavinia Milosovici, 26; Claudia Presecan, 23; and Corina Ungureanu, 22, posing naked and performing gymnastics on a balance beam in only a G-string. The issue was sent to subscribers on Sunday.

The three have been embroiled in a scandal in Romania and Japan since they first appeared nude in the magazine's Nov. 16 issue. Weeks later, two DVDs and a book featuring them naked went on sale in Japan. Their photos - some taken in suits bearing the Romanian Gymnastics Federation crest - nearly brought a ban against the federation in Japan last month.

The Romanian federation later barred the three from coaching and refereeing in official competitions for five years. Although the suspension only applies to official federation competitions, Presecan quit her job last month as a gymnastics teacher at a school in Timisoara. The three gymnasts have denied disgracing the image of Romanian gymnastics.

Presecan took the all-around gold and the team gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and was also part of the Romanian team that won the world gymnastics title in 1994, 1995 and 1997. Milosovici won two gold medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

In its latest issue, Shukan Gendai used some of the same photos it had previously bought from Tokyo-based Ongaku Senka Co., which published a book of the photos in November. Officials at both the magazine and its publishing company declined to comment on the matter.

It wasn't clear if the magazine, which covers current affairs and also publishes nude photos, obtained the still DVD pictures along with the first batch of photos printed in November. The gymnasts did not disclose how much money they had earned for the first photo session, which took place in September, but Romanian newspapers reported it was up to $40,000.


"Ananova"Agency Report:

Double Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion Lavinia Milosovici and former team mates Corina Ungureanu and Claudia Presecan stripped for the film. They performed gymnastic routines naked on apparatus such as the beam, for the film which was broadcast by a private cable network. The Romanian Gymnastics Federation has now banned all three from refereeing and coaching in official events for five years. It comes after Romania's gymnastic team escaped a Japanese Gymnastics Association ban from a contest in Yokohama next year only because the trio are no longer affiliated to the national association. Federation head Nicolae Vieru says the athletes could use their own images but had no right to use the emblems of the national federation. "Also the international reaction triggered our decision," he said.


December 18, 2002 Source: IG
Three former Romanian team members who posed nude have all received professional suspensions from the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. The Federation issued the sanctions after Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presecan, and Corina Ungureanu posed nude in a Japanese magazine and DVD. The trio will be unable to represent Romania in any official capacityas athletes, coaches, or judgesfor five years. Federation officials say the former gymnasts embarrassed the country because they appeared in photos wearing their Romanian team leotards alongside the nude photos. All three gymnasts earned world titles with the Romanian team. Milosovici won two golds, one silver, and three bronze medals at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. Presecan won an Olympic team gold medal in 2000. Ungureanu had previously posed nude in Romanian Playboy without any official sanction from the Federation. The trio will be allowed to work at private gymnastics clubs, though Presecan was recently dismissed from her job as a coach in response to the photo spread.

BBC News

Romanian team saved after nude DVD

Romanian gymnasts will be allowed to take part in a top competition in Japan, despite a row over a nude performance by three former members of the national team.

The three Olympic medallists, including double gold-medal winner Lavinia Milosovici, carried out their naked routines for a Japanese television station. Japanese gymnastics officials were so furious that they threatened to ban the members of the current Romanian team from an international youth contest in Yokohama next September.

But a Japanese spokesman said on Tuesday that Romanian officials were as incensed as their Japanese counterparts, and the threat of the ban was being withdrawn. It is just a shame that a video like this can be made in the name of sport and create such a bad image Eri Nakamura Japanese spokeswoman

"We were told by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation that the three gymnasts in question were no longer affiliated to them, so Romania will be invited as scheduled," said Eri Nakamura, secretary of the Japanese junior gymnastics federation. "It is just a shame that a video like this can be made in the name of sport and create such a bad image," she told Reuters news agency.

The Romanian gymnastics authorities have labelled the women a "disgrace". They carried out routines on normal gym equipment including the beam. The Japanese decision to withdraw the threatened ban was taken at an executive board meeting of the Japan Gymnastics Association (JGA). Fourteen countries have been invited to take part in the contest.

Ms Milosovici won two gold medals in the Barcelona games in 1992, in the floor and vault contests. She and her two fellow nude performers - Sydney gold medallist Claudia Presecan and Corina Ungureanu - had already posed naked for still pictures. But their nude television performance, which has been made available on DVD, made the sport's governing bodies even more furious. They face possible action from the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. It tells children that you can make money off your gold medals by posing nude, which is a terrible message- Keiko Ikeda Olympic medallist

And Japanese officials may still raise the issue at the International Gymnastics Federation next year. "Even if she [Ms Milosovici] has retired from competition, her act is a disgrace to gymnastics," said Koji Takizawa, executive director of the JGA. Other senior figures in the sport have warned that children interested in gymnastics were being sent a dangerous message. "It tells children that you can make money off your gold medals by posing nude, which is a terrible message," said Olympic medallist Keiko Ikeda.


The International Gymnastics Federation has suspended Romanian gymnasts Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presecan and Corina Ungureanu from all activities involving the world forum for five years. The executive commission of the federation made its decision after the former world and Olympic champions posed nude for a Japanese magazine and shot an adult DVD last year.

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