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     Beijing 2008  
Steliana Nistor
  Sandra Izbasa
Alina Stanculescu
  Loredana Sucar
  Roxana Stan 
  Daniela Druncea
  Elena   Chiric
  Floarea Leonida
  2007 Seniors:
  Aluissa Lacusteanu
  Andreea Grigore
  Andra Stanescu
  Madalina Gutu
  Ana Maria Tamarjan
  Adriana Tamarjan
  2008 Seniors:
Cerasela   Patrascu
  Alexandra Ghita
  Andreea Acatrinei
  Gabriela Dragoi
Nicolae Forminte (main)
Liliana Cosma
  Daniel Meran
  Marius Vintila
  Lucian Sandu
  Raluca Bugner

Marius  Berbecar
  Adrian Bucur
  Ovidiu Buidoso
  Marian Dragulescu
  Cosmin Iancu
  Alin Jivan
  Flavius Koczi
  Florin Nebunu
  Bogdan Orzata
  Cosmin Popescu
  Daniel Popescu
  Dan Potra
  Razvan Selariu
Robert Stanescu
  Andrei Suciu
 main coach Dan Grecu

 Romanian Gymnastics Bios
Romanian gymnastics coaches

  Athens 2004   
Catalina Ponor
  Daniela Sofronie
  Monica Rosu
  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   
  Silvia Stroescu
  Andreea Munteanu
 Main coach: Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
 coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

  Urzica Marius
  Dragulescu Marian
  Suciu Ioan
  Potra Dan
  Selariu Razvan
  Popescu Daniel

 Main coach: Dan Grecu
Sydney 2000
  (Gold Team+4 medals)

  Simona Amanar
  Loredana Boboc
  Andreea Isarescu
  Maria  Olaru
  Claudia Presecan 
  Andreea Raducan

   Atlanta 1996
   (Bronze Team + 7 medals)
   Simona Amanar
  Gina Gogean
  Ionela Loaies
  Alexandra Marinescu  
  Lavinia Milosovici  
  Mirela Tugurlan

  Barcelona 1992
  Cristina Bontas
  Gina Gogean
  Vanda  Hadarean 
  Lavinia Milosovici  
  Maria Neculita
  Mirela Pasca
  (Silver Team + 4 medals)

  Seoul 1988
Aurelia Dobre
  Eugenia Golea
  Celestina Popa 
  Gabriela  Potorac
  Daniela Silivas 
  Camelia Voinea
  (Silver Team + 8 medals)

 Los Angeles (US) 1984
Lavinia  Agache
   Laura  Cutina
   Cristina  Grigoras
   Simona Pauca
   Stanulet  Mihaela
   Szabo Ecaterina

 (Gold Team + 9 Medals)

 Moscow (USSR) 1980
  Nadia  Comaneci
  Rodica Dunca
   Emilia  Eberle
   Cristina Grigoras  
   Melita Ruhn
   Dumitrita Turner

 (Silver Team + 6 medals)
coach: Bela Karolyi

 Montreal (CAN) 1976
 Nadia Comaneci
  Mariana  Constantin
  Georgeta  Gabor
  Anca  Grigoras
  Gabriela Trusca 
  Teodora Ungureanu
  (Silver Team + 6 medals+1 MAG)
  coach: Bela Karolyi

 Munich 1972
Elisabeta Turcu
  (6th Team)

 Rome (Italy) 1960
   Anastasia  IONESCU
   Sonia     IOVAN
   Elena  LEUSTEAN
   Elena NICULESCU   
 (Bronze team)
 Melbourne (AUS) 1956
 (Bronze team + 1 Medal)

 Romanian Gymnastics Bios
Romanian gymnastics coaches

 Gabriela Agachi
  Catalina Ambrozie
  Camelia Andronic
  Rodica Apateanu
  Raluca Babaligea
  Augustina Badea
  Mirela Barbalata
  Simona Bartoloti
  Iona Berta
  Ana Maria Bican
  Erica Boncsina
  Ioana Bondor
  Diana Bostan
  Daniela Brindescu
  Raluca Bugner
  Violeta Burtescu
  Andreea Cacovean
  Andreea Chelaru
  Sabina Cojocar
  Mariana Constantin
  Draguta Dobre
  Alexandra Dobrescu
  Dana Dumitru
  Bianca Ferariu
  Lacramioara Filip
  Aurelia Gheba
  Gabriela Gheorghe
  Gabi Gheorghiu
  Angela Ghimpu
  Eugenia Golea
  Alina Goreac
  Cristina Grigoras
  Nadia Hategan
  Nicoleta Iancu
  Paula Ioan
  Carmen Ionescu
  Cristina Itu
  Anca Kiss
  Izabela Lacatus
  Alina Lazar
  Elena Loaies
  Daniela Maranduca
  Stefania Marin
  Rodica Marinescu
  Camelia Mindricel
  Simona Mocanu
  Marilena Neacsu
  Maria Neculita
  Eliza Nicolau
  Florenta Oancea
  Mirela Oancea
  Mariana Oboroceanu
  Nicoleta Onel
  Elena Oprea
  Alina Pascariu
  Marcela Paunescu
  Oana Petrovschi
  Eugenia Popa
  Mihaela Popa
  Olimpia Popa
  Marina Radu
  Camelia Renciu
  Simona Renciu
  Lenuta Rus
  Claudia Rusan
  Lucia Rusan
  Cristina Sabau
  Monica Sabau
  Rodica Sabau
  Angela Sandu
  Mirela Sidon
  Lenuta Slabu
  Ramona Socarici
  Liliana Stanciu
  Mirela Stanciu
  Lorena Stancu
  Alina Stanculescu
  Olga Stefan
  Anca Suciu
  Andreea Taclit
  Madalina Tanase
  Daniela Trandafir
  Mariana Tudor
  Mirela Tugurlan
  Dumitrita Turner
  Andreea Ulmeanu
  Elena E. Ungurean 
  Dorina Ungureanu
  Emanuela Ungureanu
  Ecaterina Ureche
  Marilena Vladarau
  Camelia Voinea
  Ana Maria Zaharia
  Luminita Zavod
  Dana Zbenghea
  Cristina Zelenca


[Feb 28 / March 1] Happy Birthday to Alexandra GHITA !
  Her Birthday is on Feb 29, but...

[Feb 28] Prince Charles slams the Big Mac
CatererSearch, UK
    Prince Charles slammed fast-food giant McDonald’s yesterday and seemed to call for a ban on the Big Mac. During a tour of the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi, the Prince – a fervent supporter of organic food - asked a nutritionist whether they had “got anywhere with McDonalds?” 

Related: Mac Attack - Prince Charles Chews The Fat

[Feb 28] Gymnastics Legend Visits Cancer Patient, Gymnast
News4Jax.com, FL
 Gymnastics legend Bela Karolyi was recently in Jacksonville to talk about the sport he helped shape and also to visit a special young gymnast. Karolyi stopped by Wolfson Children's Hospital, where he talked about the importance of physical fitness and spent some time with Whitney Pinson, who is using her love of gymnastics as inspiration in her battle with cancer.

* Video: Legendary Gymnastics Coach Visits Teen At Wolfson

[Feb 28] Historian's Dracula book gets him out of jail early
Seattle Times, WA
   IASI, Romania — A U.S. historian sentenced to seven years in prison for sexual perversion and abuse of minors won early release
from prison Tuesday because he wrote a book about Dracula, his attorney said. Kurt W. Treptow, of Miami Beach, left the prison in the northeastern city of Iasi in his lawyer's car after serving less than five years.

[our note: Treptow also edited the -very expensive, $12,50/copy- Romanian Gymnastics Magazine-see cover photo left and also has launched the first version of RGF official website; see 1st version click here; last version,click here]

   He was sentenced to the maximum of seven years in December 2002 for offenses involving two girls, ages 10 and 13, whom he invited into his home in Iasi. A Romanian woman convicted of being his accomplice remains in prison.

   Treptow, who first studied in Romania as a Fulbright scholar during the communist regime that toppled in 1989, has written and edited numerous books on Romanian history, including one about Romania's pro-Hitler World War II dictator, Marshal Ion Antonescu, and another on Vlad Tepes, the historical model for Dracula. He also wrote "Romanian Gymnastics."
   Treptow moved to Romania in the 1990s and was director of the Center for Romanian Studies in Iasi. The center is housed in a building owned by the espionage service. The service has declined to say whether Treptow worked for it.

BBC News, UK:  Paedophile freed for Dracula book
Mediafax, Romania : Kurt Treptow In Panic Outside The Penitentiary
Associated Press:  Dracula book gets American early release

[Feb 28] Romanian coach banned for abusing gymnast
Guardian Unlimited, UK
  A Romanian coach has been banned for a year by his national federation for physically abusing a 15-year-old female gymnast, an official told Reuters on Tuesday.
  "The (Romanian Gymnastics Federation) FRG board banned coach Mihael Anton for 12 months after he was found to have verbally and physically attacked promising gymnast Emanuela Rusu," FRG president Adrian Stoica said. Stoica said footage captured on a mobile phone had proved that Anton swore at Rusu before striking her face several times during a training session in the western city of Timisoara.
Supersport, South Africa: Romanian coach banned for abuse
Reuters India, India: Romanian coach banned for abusing gymnast
Townsville Bulletin, Australia: Video traps violent coach
Namibian, Namibia: Coach banned for abuse

[Feb 27] The abusive coach Mihai Anton has been suspended by RGF
   Romanian Gymnastics Federation has announced that coach Mihai Anton from CSM Onesti has been suspended for one year from coaching.

TVR1 broadcasted again the video, click here and go to 1h03min

[Feb 26] Catalina Ponor, out of training for two weeks!
   Catalina Ponor has got scarlet fever and is out of training for two weeks, missing the coming European Championships , has announced Romanian ProTv station at late evening sport news, minutes ago.

[Feb 24] Andreea Grigore and Flavius Koczi at 2007 Tyson American Cup
  Andreea Grigore and Flavius Koczi will will compete for Romania in the 2007 Tyson American Cup at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. The Tyson American Cup, held on March 3 at 11:30 a.m., features eight men and eight women, including two men and two women from the USA, in the all-around finals.

[Feb 23] ProTV will broadcast a video evidence with Timisoara abuses
  click to see a video evidence   [new link]
  Pro Tv Report, click here

[Feb 19] Emanuela Rusu, another revealed case of abuses in Romanian gymnastics
Bucharest, Prosport
 To see the original articles,   go to the Prosport site, clik on Special tab (top of page, rght) then look for these articles:
# A fost batuta si înfometata! ; Drama unei gimnaste; Numai prostii;! Sa aduca dovezi!; Cadouri contra blândete! ; Antrenorii de la Timisoara neaga toate acuzatiile

      TVR1 report ,click here (go to min 1h06min) -valid 1 week only!

[Feb 18] About Romania: Sharing Romanian Under a Sphinx
New York Times
   New York: MARIGOLD walls, goldenrod tablecloths, egg yolks spilling into moist corn-colored mamalia: yellow, yellow, yellow at Acasa in Sunnyside, Queens. Acasa is a new Romanian place on a stretch of Skillman Avenue that’s not poor in the Romanian department.
   The dining room is dominated by a massive photo mural that struck me as being sci-fi: a solar eclipse in a red sky on one end; a rocky, Martian outcropping on the other. That’s what too much goulash will get you into, I thought.

[Feb 13] Andreea Raducan speaks about her life after gymnastics
Former Romanian gymnast Andreea Raducan has spoken about her life after gymnastics, during a TV lifestyle program (available on web, click here).
      "After I quit gymnastics, I become overweight and I didn't followed any special diet, fitness program or something like that", says Andreea Raducan. "I think that after a while, my body has come back in shape-1 year and a half after ending my gym career- whithout doing much efforts. At this moment, I don't think I need to use any diet program, I feel good as I am. I do exercise to maintain a good tonus for the body and

[Feb 12] Romanian gymnast Daniela Sofronie celebrated her Birthday
   Romanian gymnast, former Athens Olympic Golden Team member Daniela Sofronie has already celebrated her Birthday, Saturday evening.

[Feb 12] First Romanian gymnastics Club private owned
  First Romanian gymnastics Club private owned was opened at Constanta.
The owners are former European and World Aerobics Gymnastics Champions Dana and Remus Neculai.

About Romania(ns): Emoticoncert - Mad World / Yahoo.com Special Prize

[Feb 7] Your guide to scoring college gymnastics
CSTV.com - New York,NY,USA
   In a typical gymnastics meet, six gymnasts compete in each of the four events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. The lowest score for each rotation is dropped, and the remaining scores make up the team score for that rotation. At the end of the meet, the four rotation scores are added together to determine the team's total score.

[Feb 7] Top male gymnasts to compete at 2007 Winter Cup Challenge
   2006 pommel horse world bronze-medalist Alexander Artemev of Morrison, Colo./Team Chevron, and 2005-06 Winter Cup Challenge all-around champion David Durante of Garwood, N.J./Team Chevron, are among the 13 members of the current U.S. Men’s Senior National Team who will compete at the 2007 Winter Cup Challenge, Feb. 8 and 10, at the Las Vegas Sports Center in Las Vegas.
   Fans across the country can enjoy the action from the final day of the Winter Cup Challenge via a free, live Web cast at usa-gymnastics.org on Feb. 10 from 7-10 p.m. Pacific Time. U.S. Olympians Steve McCain (2000) and Mihai Bagiu (1996) will serve as commentators for the free Web cast...

[Feb 7] Forbes - NY,USA: Paul Hamm to Return to Gymnastics
   Olympic champion Paul Hamm has decided to return to competitive gymnastics, hoping for a less tumultuous path to the all-around title at the Beijing Olympics than the one he took in Athens.
   Hamm and his twin brother, Morgan, met last weekend with USA Gymnastics officials to confirm they both had decided to return. They plan to participate in a limited number of events in 2007 while they finish school and get back into competitive shape.

[Feb 6] Gymnastics a sport of brutality, masked by grace
Seattle Times - Seattle,WA,USA
   Fogle has suffered fractures in her knee and ankle, and had surgery to remove bone chips in her left ankle. She is far from alone in her pain. Talk to coaches and athletes, and they all seem to have stories of horrific injuries and chronic pain. Toughness is something most expect to find on a football field, but check out this weekend's district gymnastics meets to find some of the toughest high-school athletes around.
   "I hate to imagine the long-term effects on some of the kids who do it for so long. You watch what they do, hold your breath and hope for the best. It's just kind of scary sometimes, but they do it." It's a sport of brutality masked by grace.

[Feb 6] Deva -The City of Gold- waterless!
  A major failure into the city of Deva water system has left the 65,000 people waterless until tomorrow! The local hospital will use the fire emergency reserve for most urgent needs, TV Antena1 said. Romanian gymnastics team will use bottles of mineral water , romanian gymnastics.com just heard.

[Feb 5] Sporting No. 10s: 10 Nadia Comaneci
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,Australia
   Think of the number 10 and you think perfection. Think of perfection in sport and instantly you think of Romanian gymnast
Nadia Comaneci. Aged just 14, she was the darling of the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. She won three golds, a silver and a bronze medal. In the uneven bars in the team competition she became the first gymnast in Olympic history to receive the perfect score of 10.0, a feat she would repeat six times over the course of the competition.

[Feb 5] Catalina Ponor and Loredana Boboc at World Class Gymnastics
Photo-news for www.romanian-gymnastics.com by: Andreea Luca / Hamilton, Canada
  We had Catalina Ponor and Loredana Boboc come at Cristina Bontas's
World Class Gymnastics for a show, pictures and sign autographs.
  CH news from Hamilton came, the romanian press and also the Hamilton Spectator newspaper. The girls also had a visit from the Canadian Federation people.
  We took tons of pictures and videotapped the whole show. It seemed like the girls enjoyed themselves.   After the show, Cristina Bontas, her husband Gabi, and I (Andreea Luca) took them to see Niagara Falls and we also went for dinner. We had sooo much fun, and the girls are so funny and open minded about everything

[Feb 3] Romanian gymnastics Stars in TVR1 Show
   Top Romanian Gymnastics Stars-
Nadia Comaneci, Andreea Raducan , Monica Rosu and former coaches Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang were the guests of TVR1 Show "Stele de 5 Stele" (Five Stars) last evening.
  To see the recorded 1 hour show, click here (available only until Feb 9).If you don't have Quiqtime and want to use Flashplayer, click here and look for "Vineri, Februarie 3" and the show name "Stele de 5 Stele".

[Feb 2]
Aluissa Lacusteanu, Best Athlete of Hunedoara County
  Last evening Aluissa Lacusteanu got The Best Athlete of Hunedoara Award during the "Gala of Hunedoara's Sport" hosted by Deva Cultural Center.
  Local county Sport department named Aluissa Lacusteanu Hunedoara's County Best Athlete in 2006 for her results at European Championships (Silver with the Team, Gold at FX, Bronze at BB) and Nationals (Gold with the Team, Silver at vault, UB and BB, Bronze at AA.
Loredana Sucar (WCh- 4 with the team; Nationals- Gold with the team, Bronze at FX) from the Romanian gymnastics team ranked the 3rd;  Cerasela   Patrascu ranked 4th, and Alexandra Ghita ranked 7.
   CSS Cetate Deva Gymnastics Club was named Best 2006 Club in Hunedoara County; Best Coach was named Liliana Cosma . To solve a local dispute among Olympic and non-Olympic sports, the County sport department has made two different rankings: Olympics sports and non-Olymics. Former coach Octavian Belu did not attended the ceremonies, despite having a VIP invitation; he seems to (still) have resentments on gymnastics. Giant fireworks ended the ceremony.

[Jan 31] Bill Gates in Romania
  Bill Gates of Microsoft just landed in Romania, 15 minutes ago; he will open tomorrow a new Support Center in Bucharest, covering whole Europe; will also launch the new Vista operating system in Romania. The second spoken language at Microsoft is...Romanian.

[Jan 31] Magical memories to live in the mind
By Christophe, IOC Planner
  I have emotional sporting memories too. I will never forget, as a child, watching
Nadia Comaneci’s amazing performance in 1976...

[Jan 31] Nadia Comaneci's mother will get married
 Nadia Comaneci's mother, Mrs.Stefania Comaneci will get married soon, after a 3 years relationship with her fiancee, Mihai Nedelea. Last year they got engaged and they live together in Bucharest.
   The new comer in the "Perfect Ten's" family is well seen by everybody. Andrei Comaneci, Nadia Comaneci's Brother: "My mother's fiancee is a simple man with a good character; it doesn't matter his social status and what he did for a living (meaning he isn't a VIP) , but only the fact that he is making my Mom happy."
   The new couple-Mrs.Stefania Comaneci and fiancee Mihai Nedelea- made their fist public appearance at ROC's Gala dedicated to Nadia, Monday evening at Hilton Hotel in Bucharest.

[Jan 31] Former gymnastics star Andreea Raducan claims back Sydney medal
   Romanian gymnast Andreea Raducan has requested the International Olympic Committee to give her back the medal she won at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
   Andreea Raducan had her medal withdrawn because she was found to have used a then-illegal substance, pseudoephedrine, an ingredient of a simple cold pill. The substance was since removed from the list of drugs banned in sporting events.
   The Romanian Sports Olympics Committee is currently considering how to support Andreea Raducan’s attempt to get back the Olympic title she was stripped of in Sydney, years after the World Anti-doping Agency removed the substance from the banned list.
[Jan 31]
Aluissa Lacusteanu, Best Athlete of Hunedoara County
 Aluissa Lacusteanu, member of Romanian National gymnastics Team, was named Hunedoara's County Best Athlete in 2006.
   On January 31, Aluissa Lacusteanu will get The Best Athlete of Hunedoara Award during the "Gala of Hunedoara's Sport" hosted by Deva Cultural Center.
  Local county Sport department named Aluissa Lacusteanu Hunedoara's County Best Athlete in 2006 for her results at European Championships (Silver with the Team, Gold at FX, Bronze at BB) and Nationals (Gold with the Team, Silver at vault, UB and BB, Bronze at AA.

[Jan 30] The Don King of gymnastics: Bela Karolyi
San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
  Bela Karolyi did interviews with just about every media outlet in the Bay Area because nobody does it better. He sounded like a revival preacher talking about Mary Lou Retton - thousands of times he has done this speech, and still with the gesticulating!
  "These coming up championships are going to have the biggest surprises anyone has ever seen'' he promised. Why? Because the juniors we've never heard of "are gonna come in with the HUNGER! and the desire and the performance.'' He called the current champions "goddesses'' and the pending battle a ``dogfight.''    With two-time national champion Nastia Liukin six feet away, he said, "We want to see because we are bad guys and we want to see the queen dying.'' He's Don King, only the hair flows wildly from his lip and not the top of his head.

[Jan 29] Nadia Comaneci offered 10 scholarships for CSS 2 gymnasts

   Bucharest – Nadia Comaneci and Niro Group on Monday offered 10 scholarships to gymnasts from School Sport Club 2 from Bucharest, Rompres reports.
Nadia Comaneci became for three years the image of the group, within the partnership “We invest in people, we invest in the future,” which consists of social programmes destined to sportsmen and women, underprivileged, old people, poor and orphan children.
   The EUR 1,200 scholarships (EUR 100/month, for one year) were received by gymnasts Cristina Petcu, Raluca Nistor, Andreea Gheorghe, Cristina Tudose, Cristina Stefan, Mihaela Tone, Roberta Butuc, Andreea Codrat, Florina Dan and Georgiana Sulugiuc.
Nadia Comaneci said she came with excitement at the club that she knows very well. She also talked about her partnership with Niro. “The gymnastics team from CSS 2 proved good results through seriousness and perseverance. I am glad companies from Romania think at sport in general, and at gymnastics particularly,” Nadia Comaneci asserted.  

[Jan 28]    Staying alive
  Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta,India

For that, cardio exercise at home or in gyms is the heart of the matter.
  The international gym chain which has helped Muhammad Ali and Shaquille O’Neal, Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes and Nadia Comaneci and Anna Kournikova stay in shape, is launching a 70-km Cardio Thon in town, a competitive introduction to Gold’s cardio programme.

[Jan 22] Camelia Voinea To Open 1st Private Gymnastics School In Romania
  CONSTANTA, Mediafax Agency:
Camelia Voinea, Romania’s former champion in female’s gymnasts back in 1987 will soon open in Constanta, southeastern Romania, the first private School of Gymnastics in Romania to function in Sala Tomis Hall.  
   Camelia Voinea said she was more than sure that very soon, many former champions in gymnastics would take her example and thus, the number of such schools in Romania will soon go up. Camelia Voinea plans to include Romania’s former members of the national gymnastics team, Daniela Sofronie and Catalina Ponor, in her training staff.

[Jan 21] INSIGHT: Romania: celebrating history at present
Sofia Echo - Sofia,Bulgaria
  US Open and Roland Garos winner Ilie Nastase and the Olympic champion gymnast Nadia Comaneci are saluted by all citizens of the world, as are the gymnastics coaches Marta
and Bela Karolyi.
[Jan 5] Ploiesti International Gymnastics Championships
 Q: Can I please have the dates & location of the 2007 Romanian International ? Any information that you could email would be most appreciative. Thank you.
Christian Candela

 A: 2007 International Gymnastics Championships: April 13-15, Ploiesti

  East Valley Tribune - Mesa,AZ,USA: Why 10?
   Why 10?
  # For starters, Americans are comfortable with the number 10.
  #Our mathematical system is even structured on base 10.
  #We have 10 fingers on which to count and 10 toes if things get hairy.
  #We award first downs in football for every 10 yards gained.
  #We have Ten Commandments to follow.
  #We launch rockets with a countdown from 10,
we make top 10 lists and
  # we celebrate perfect 10s, as Nadia Comaneci proved

[Jan 4] Octavian Belu was installed as ANS President
   Former Romanian Gymnastics main coach Octavian Belu has started today to work in his new job as ANS (Romanian Sport Agency) President. The Government just provided the largest budget in Romania's history for the sport -but still far from providing enough funds, because of the weak economy and resources.
[Jan 2] Nadia Comaneci Voted Athlete Of The Century In El Mundo Deportivo Poll
BUCHAREST, Mediafax / Former Romanian gymnast
Nadia Comaneci was voted the athlete of the century by the readers of Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, according to a poll carried out on the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the foundation of the newspaper.
Nadia Comaneci obtained 29% of the readers'' votes and was followed by tennis player Martina Navratilova, with 23%, and Steffi Graf, with 18%.

  More January News...

Romanian Gymnastics News Archive.

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 Fans Greetings for Romanian gymnastics Team at Worlds
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   Belu's (stupid) remark on girls, hard criticized by gym fans
   fans comments over (stupid) Sunday Mirror article      

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Maria Olaru about how to become and remain a winner

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16Elena Oprea
19Alexandra Marinescu
25: Simona Mocanu
27: Ioana Bondor,
       Claudia Rusan
30Gabriela Gheorge,
       Maria Neculita
Romanian Gymnastics Calendar
March 3: American Cup
March 17: World Cup
March 22: Nadia/UNESCO March 23: World Cup
April 13: Ploiesti Int.
April 16: Charity Gala 
April 26: European Ch.
May 11: Amanar on IGHF
Sept 1: World Chships
        2006 Awards 

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Perfect Ten Broadcast into Space

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